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5 Signs That You Need AC Repair

Monday, April 12th, 2021 at 11:00 am

AC-manifoldSpring is here and you know what that means—we’re putting our air conditioners to work again. Is yours ready for the job ahead?

Spring is a good season to take a step back and reflect on your past air conditioning experiences. If last year’s air conditioning services didn’t meet all of your needs, then you’re going to need to schedule an appointment with us. Our team members specialize in AC repair in Satellite Beach, FL. It’s always best to handle the problems that you’re noticing now before they become bigger issues later on. We want to help you optimize your home this spring for a great summer.

Watch Out For These Signs

These are the signs that your home needs air conditioning help this spring:

1.      Short Cycling

It’s rare that you’ll read an article surrounding air conditioning problems on our blog and not see short cycling in the list. This is because short cycling is such a common problem. Short cycling is even more of a problem when you notice it early on in the season. Spring short cycling is a clear that you’ve got a long summer ahead of you AC-wise. Repairing your air conditioner now will save you time, money, and headaches down the line.

2.      Thermostat Inaccuracies

Do you feel like your home’s thermostat is completely inaccurate? Maybe you’re noticing that your thermostat acts as though it’s reading the temperature of another home entirely. Don’t think that thermostat inaccuracies will go away with time. It’s going to become a great issue as the temperatures rise. Address it with AC repair.

3.      Trouble Getting Cool

If you’re already having trouble getting cool at home, then you’re having a top-tier spring air conditioning issue. You should be cool whenever you run your air conditioner during the spring season. After all, the temperatures aren’t scorching hot at this time of the year. If your air conditioner is already struggling now, then this summer is going to prove to be an uphill battle.

4.      Loud Noises

Your turn on your air conditioner and there it is—that loud metal banging noise. Or maybe in your home it’s the sound of whirring, scraping, squeaking, or something else. Loud noises are bad news no matter what they sound like. Your air conditioner isn’t a system that’s completely silent, but you should never be able to use “loud” as a descriptor surrounding this system. If you are, then it’s a great idea to get a head start on repair work before it results in a summer breakdown.

5.      Foul Odors

Have you noticed that your home smells unpleasant? Are you having trouble pinning down the source of the scent? You might want to turn to your home’s air conditioner. Your home’s air conditioner can actually emit foul odors. The problem typically stems from moisture issues causing mold or mildew. Although this is the most common source, it can be caused by other things. We’ll help you find the source of the issue.

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