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AC Guide: Causes of Bad Smells from Your Vents

Monday, March 31st, 2014 at 2:27 pm

Whether your central heating or air conditioning system is running, when you detect any unpleasant smell coming from the air wafting through the vents, you need to have professionals investigate the cause right away. These odors—musty, mold, acrid, or anything else—usually mean something serious has gone wrong in the system.

In this post, we’ll look at a few of the reasons you might encounter these odors from your AC during the spring and summer. Call skilled technicians like those at Next Generation Air & Heat Inc.—any time of the day or night—for the repairs you may need. We have the experience necessary for excellent air conditioning repair in Melbourne, FL.

Causes of odors from vents

  • Burned-out motors: If the smell from the vents is acrid and smoky, like something burning, it is probably because of a motor that has burnt out or is about to burn out inside the AC cabinet. Motors run the fans and the compressor, and without regular maintenance to keep them clean and lubricated, they can run down because of stress. If they’ve reached the point where you can detect the odors, then the motors will need to have professionals replace them.
  • Dirt- and dust-clogged vents: The cooled air from an AC must travel through ductwork to reach the vents, and these ducts can collect thick layers of dust and other contaminants along their walls over time (especially if the air filter isn’t regularly replaced). This dirty build-up will often create a dusty or musty smell. The solution to this is to call for professional duct cleaners to give your ventilation system a thorough cleaning. You should also have duct cleaners check to see if breaks along the ductwork have allowed air from closed-in parts of the house to enter.
  • Standing water in the condensate pan: This is often results in “dirty sock syndrome” because of the smell it creates. If the condensate line plugs up, the pan that collects the water moisture condensing along the evaporator coil will develop standing water, which will turn moldy and unpleasant-smelling. Technicians will need to remove the pan and unclog the drain, or possibly replace it with a new drain.

You don’t want your house to smell moldy, acrid, or dusty, and you especially don’t want your air conditioner to fail you during the summer, so leap on these problems fast and have repair professionals look into it.

For in air conditioning repair in Melbourne, FL, call Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. today.

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