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AC Question: How Does Ductless Cooling Work?

Monday, August 25th, 2014 at 5:00 pm

Ductless cooling isn’t a new type of air conditioning, but it was more commonly seen in commercial properties like restaurants versus residential properties. These days, ductless AC is a popular choice among homeowners for a variety of reasons. One question our Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc., technicians hear frequently is, “how does ductless air conditioning work?” The truth is, ductless cooling in Melbourne is not that different from traditional split-system air conditioning, with the exception of a couple of features.

Components of a Ductless System

A ductless air conditioner uses an outdoor unit very similar to that of a traditional split-system AC. In this unit, as with a ducted system, resides the compressor and condenser. The difference comes with the delivery system: the indoor blowers. The indoor blowers of a ductless system house the coils and fans, (blowers are around 35” long) and deliver the cool air to your home. The blowers are connected to the outdoor unit via a conduit that holds a power line, drainage line and refrigerant tube. An outdoor unit supports up to 4 indoor blowers.

How Does the Cooling Work?

The system starts by turning on one or more of the indoor blowers. The refrigerant begins its cycle, entering the compressor, then the condenser, and then up to the blower. The fan in the blower blows your warm indoor air over the coils in the blower, and cool, conditioned air is blown into your room.

Blowers can be mounted flush against walls and hung from ceilings; they just need to connect to the outdoor unit via an exterior wall. Blowers can be easily mounted above doorways and windows, allowing for flexible placement.

What Are the Benefits of a Ductless AC?

There are several benefits to installing a ductless air conditioner:

  • No need for ductwork – as the name states, a ductless air conditioner does not need ductwork to provide whole-home cooling.
  • Customized comfort – the blowers offer you zone control, so you only cool the areas that need it, and at the temperature you want.
  • Energy efficient – the unit itself is energy efficient, but in addition, using only the cooling you need helps save energy, too.

Ductless cooling in Melbourne can be a great option for your home. If you are interested in finding out more, call Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc., today.


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