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Air Conditioning Guide: SEER and Energy Savings

Monday, February 18th, 2013 at 10:00 am

When purchasing an air conditioning unit for the first time or replacing an older model in your Melbourne, FL home, you will want to consider the seasonal energy efficiency ratio of your air conditioner, also known as its SEER rating. This rating measures the efficiency of your air conditioning system by dividing its cooling output by the amount of energy it takes to cool. If you have any questions as to how SEER impacts the energy use of your Melbourne, FL home, please contact us at Next Generation Air & Heat.

Understanding the SEER rating of your current AC system can really help you understand your home’s energy use. A high SEER rating means that your home will maximize its cooling per dollar, whereas a low SEER rating means that you are paying more for the same amount of cooling. A newer central air conditioning unit will usually be much more efficient than any system made even ten years ago, and that will correspond to savings on your electricity bills. You also have other options for air conditioning  like ductless mini splits, which have a very high SEER rating, partly owing to their lack of ductwork, and therefore to their lack of potential energy loss via duct air leaks. Upgrading your air conditioning system to a ductless mini split AC unit may therefore save you money in the long run.

The SEER rating of your AC system is only one component of energy savings, however.  For example, sealing air leaks and ductwork can dramatically improve your overall energy savings. Having a major air leak or broken ductwork in the Melbourne, FL heat and humidity is a bit like leaving your refrigerator open. Preventive maintenance and repair is the key to energy savings. If you notice any AC refrigeration leaks, or ice on the AC coils, or if the unit turns off and on frequently, it is probably not operating effectively. Whether you would like to repair, replace or upgrade to an air conditioning system with a high SEER rating, please call Next Generation in Melbourne, FL today.

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