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Air Conditioning in Palm Bay: The Capacitors

Monday, May 5th, 2014 at 3:36 pm

Air conditioners are electrically powered systems, and many of their key components are responsible for the transfer of electricity to run their operation. One of the essential electrical parts of an AC is the capacitor. If one or more of the capacitors in an air conditioning malfunction or fail, it will impair the entire system and stop it from working correctly. Capacitor repair and replacement requires the work of professional technicians.

If you ever experience issues with the capacitors in your air conditioning system your not on your own. We offer emergency service so capacitor problems won’t keep your precious cooling power in your house turned off for long.

When you experience capacitor issues in your air conditioning in Palm Bay, FL, contact the staff at Next Generation Air & Heat Inc.

What is a capacitor?

A capacitor is a device that resembles a cylinder about the size of a soda can. The capacitor is something like a battery that maintains a short term charge: it transmits electrical voltage to motors to either start them running (start capacitor) or keep them running (run capacitor). The start capacitor gives the motor extra torque through double its normal voltage to start spinning the motor in the right direction. After that, the run capacitor helps the motor maintain its full power with varying voltage about one and a half times more powerful than the motor’s nominal voltage. All the motors in an air conditioning—the fan motors and the compressor motor—have capacitors connected to them.

What can go wrong with capacitors?

Capacitors can wear down and fail over time, or suffer because of improper voltage levels. They will often stop working before an air conditioner’s service life is up. When a capacitor begins to fail, it will cause hard starting in the air conditioning system, where the AC will stutter and struggle to come on and remain on. Capacitors start to make noticeable clicking sounds to warn they are approaching failure.

If a capacitor fails, the connected motor will either not start (failed start capacitors) or not remain running (failed run capacitors). If the motor is connected to the blower fan, cooling power and air pressure will drop. If the motor is connected to the compressor, the AC will not be able to provide cooling at all. Have the capacitors professionally replaced as soon as possible before the motors or the compressor sustain irreparable damage.

Air conditioning repair technicians will make sure that capacitors of the correct voltage are hooked up to the motors. They will also check on electrical relays and other wiring issues that might be linked to a bad capacitor. Regular maintenance will help alert you to potential capacitor failure before it threatens your cooling.

Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. takes pride in our work on air conditioning in Palm Bay, FL. We have the confidence to offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you sign up for our Priority Membership savings plan.

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