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Air Conditioning Repair Needs: What Causes Damaged Fan Blades?

Monday, September 30th, 2013 at 2:21 pm

Your air conditioning system relies on a fan to push cool air from unit itself into the ducts and from there to your household. When it gets damaged, it interferes with the air conditioning unit’s ability to move the air where it needs to go. Sometimes, it grinds against other parts of the air conditioner as well, creating more damage and necessitating greater costs for repairs. When it comes to air conditioning repair, Melbourne FL residents need to move with speed, lest our summer heat waves leave them without any means of cooling their homes. Understanding what causes damage fan blades can help you take steps to prevent it, and keep your air conditioning unit in peak shape when the temperatures start to rise again.

In some cases, the damage can be caused if the fan becomes loose in its housings, or another component breaks and rubs against it. Air conditioning fans move at very high speed, and when they come into contact with things that they shouldn’t, the possibility of damaging the blades becomes very high.

The other main cause of damaged condenser fan blades is detritus coming in from outside the unit, such as twigs or leaves from nearby greenery. When internal components become damaged, you basically need to call a repair service. In the case of external elements getting caught in the air conditioner, you can protect your unit by trimming back trees and bushes, keeping the area clear of weeds, and otherwise ensuring that potentially damaging items aren’t in the vicinity.

Either way, you can usually tell when fan blades become damaged by the unusual buzzing or grinding sound your unit suddenly makes. If you hear it, don’t hesitate. Turn off the air conditioning system and contact a trained expert to deal with the issue – either by repairing the fan blades or (more likely) replacing the fan itself. When it comes to air conditioning repair, Melbourne FL homeowners can contact Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. for help. We’re on call to need your air conditioning repair needs; once you know what causes damaged fan blades, let us do the job of fixing them for you.

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