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Air Conditioning Service: Cleaning the Condensate Drain

Monday, September 9th, 2013 at 8:00 am

Your air conditioning is an essential part of your home, but there can be problems if it doesn’t receive regular maintenance. Something that people often overlook in their air conditioners is the condensate drain. When warm air meets the cool air on the evaporator coil of your air conditioner, the water in the air condenses and drips into a pan. A drain in the pan removes this water from your home. This prevents the excess water from seeping into your living space where it could damage floorboards and carpets. However, the condensate drain can become clogged with mold and other debris, causing the pan—which is usually only an inch deep—to overflow. This is especially a concern in our moist and humid climate, where mold growth is common.

Here’s some advice our expert technicians at Next Generation Air & Heat have about how to tell if you have a condensate drain blockage. If you need air conditioning service in Melbourne, FL, give our trained professionals a call.

You can check the drain blockage by pouring water down the AC’s pour spout. If the water doesn’t easily flow out on the other end, algae may be closing off the drain. Some older air conditioners do not have a pour spout or overflow switch. A professional can tell you if your model needs one of these and can install one for you, or recommend if you need a replacement system.

We know that many people have do-it-yourself hobbies. Trust us, this is a place where you want an trained expert to handle the cleaning. An HVAC technician can diagnose how extensive the blockage is and clean it out without causing damage to other parts of your air conditioner.

Because the development of mold inside the condensate drain often occurs during periods when the AC is inactive, it’s important to have regular maintenance done before the warmer season starts again. You don’t want to switch your air conditioner back on and find water leaks getting into your home. Schedule regular preventive maintenance to keep your air conditioner ready..

Next Generation Air & Heat provides priority maintenance plans and air conditioning service in Melbourne, FL. Call our experts for your next service!

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