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Air Conditioning Tip: Why Insulation Is Important in the Summer

Monday, May 6th, 2013 at 9:30 am

We often don’t think much of the insulation that runs throughout our walls, floors, and ceilings during the summer. After all, we mostly associate insulation with keeping warm air inside our home, which is not exactly the goal of air conditioning. But insulation is important during the summer heat and humidity. The truth is that insulation is a thermal barrier that regulates the temperature of our home by keeping hot air out as much as it keeps cool air in. For more information about how to improve your Melbourne, FL air conditioning system, call the experts at Next Generation Air & Heat today!

  • Energy efficiency: During the long hot summer, you need your AC not only to perform, but to be energy efficient as well. Making sure that your home is well insulated ensures that your air conditioner’s cooling output will not simply be immediately lost by passing through the exterior walls. Efficiency measures the ratio of cooling output versus electrical energy input, and every AC manufactured and sold in the US has a particular SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating that estimates its energy efficiency during the cooling season. But this is only an estimate and will mean nothing in practice if your home is not insulated properly.
  • Performance: You need your Melbourne, FL air conditioner to perform, whether it’s central air or a ductless mini split system. Considering how hot and humid it gets here, you need to do everything you can to ensure that your AC is able to do its job. While a good system alone is a great start to reliable performance, taking care of other aspects of the cooling process, such as the insulation of your home, is just as critical.
  • Decreased wear and tear: If your AC has to constantly strain to produce enough cool air for your home because much of it goes through the roof or exterior walls, then you are causing unnecessary additional wear and tear on your AC unit. Insulation can help to alleviate the pressure you place on your AC every summer.

For more information about how insulation can improve your comfort during the summer, call the Melbourne, FL air conditioning experts at Next Generation today!

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