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Allergies and Insulation: What You Need to Know in Melbourne, FL

Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 8:30 am

Suffering from allergies can be a very annoying issue to deal with. There are a lot of medications that can reduce your reactions to allergens in the air outside. When you are in your own home, though, why tolerate allergens in the air at all? There are a number of products available that can boost indoor air quality in your Melbourne, FL home. While air filters, purifiers and other devices are great options for reducing airborne pollutants indoors, wouldn’t it make sense to stop them from getting in in the first place?

Most homeowners know the important role that proper, professionally installed insulation plays in keeping their energy efficiency high. What many homeowners may not understand, though, is that good insulation can actually help to improve indoor air quality in their homes. At Next Generation Air & Heat we know that breathing pure, high-quality air is just as important to your comfort as the temperature. That’s why we want to fill you in on how insulation can help you reduce allergy symptoms.

The same air leaks in your home envelope and ductwork system that allows heat to escape and cold air to get into your home can also let allergens inside. Just as proper insulation can help keep the cold or heat outside, so too can it help to keep allergens from entering your house. The fewer pollutants that are allowed into your home through gaps, cracks and leaks, the less likely you are to suffer from the reactions they can cause your allergies.

In addition to preventing allergens from entering your home, proper insulation can also help keep allergens from entering your ductwork system. It is impossible to keep all pollutants out of your home. Every time someone opens the door or the dog sheds allergens are being introduced into your living environment. By keeping them out of the ductwork with proper insulation, though, you can reduce the spread of these allergens throughout your home. Pairing good insulation with air filters and cleaners is a great way to reduce the discomfort that comes along with allergies.

For more information about the ways in which insulation can reduce the impact of indoor pollutants on your allergies call us today. Our technicians are proud to help you live more comfortably in Melbourne, FL. Schedule service with Next Generation to make your home a more pleasant place to live.

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