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Are Temperatures Uneven in Your Home?

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 12:07 pm

temperature-just-rightIf so, then you know how frustrating of a problem this can be. When you walk through your house, you should not feel as if you are entering and exiting separate climates. When you run your heating or air conditioning system, those systems should be able to achieve and maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your home. If they’re struggling to do so, then something is wrong—but what?

There are quite a few potential causes of uneven heating and cooling in Palm Bay, FL. We’ll look at two of the more common today. It is important to remember, and you’ll see below, that the source of the problem may not be your HVAC system itself. The pros on our staff will diagnose the problem accurately in order to resolve it completely.

Issues with Air Ducts

If you use a forced air heating and air conditioning system, then the problems with uneven temperatures that you are experiencing may stem from problems with your ductwork. Air ducts are largely hidden from view, so you are not going to see any damages that may develop. You’ll feel their results, though. If your ducts are corroded or otherwise compromised, they may leak conditioned air out into unconditioned spaces, and may pull heat in when you are trying to cool your home. That will leave you with hot and cold spots in those areas serviced by the damaged ducts.

Problems with Insulation

If you don’t have sufficient insulation in any given area of your home, if that insulation is not of the correct R-value, or if your insulation is in any way compromised, then you are going to run into problems with heating and cooling your home evenly, effectively, and efficiently. Insulation is not just important on those nights when temperatures are particularly chilly, remember.  It works both ways, stopping heat from escaping in the winter and preventing it from coming in during the summer. If you want to enjoy even, comfortable temperatures throughout your home, you may need to schedule insulation services with the pros on our staff.

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