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What Are the Benefits of Ductless Split Systems?

Monday, February 5th, 2018 at 11:00 am

ductless-blowerIf you’re in the market for a new heating and/or air conditioning system, either because you have a new property going up or you just need to replace an old, unreliable system that is already in your home, we recommend doing a bit of homework before choosing your new system. There are the old classics, of course, such as central ACs and furnaces. However, there are also some types of systems out there that you may not be that familiar with.

You don’t want to miss out on what could prove to be the perfect system for your home and user preferences. For many people, that is the ductless mini split. Ductless split systems are not new, really, but they were always more common internationally and in commercial properties than they were in residential homes throughout the US. As more people have caught on to the benefits offered by ductless split systems, however, their popularity has really surged. Here’s why you may want to use a ductless split system in Palm Bay, FL.

Convenient Installation

A challenge with installing some central heating and air conditioning systems into existing properties is the fact that those properties simply may not have been designed with the accommodation of such systems in mind. A ductless mini split system does not require the installation of ductwork or a hydronic heat delivery system. Instead, individual blowers and a single outdoor unit are used.

The indoor and outdoor units are connected by simple conduits that house all necessary power, refrigerant, and drainage lines. A small, 3″ hole is drilled in the exterior facing wall in order to connect the system(s). If you don’t have existing ductwork or you’re looking for an easy retrofit, then a ductless mini split may well be the way to go.


Ductless split systems are heat pumps (though there are cooling-only models available, most homeowners find the allure of the heat pump option to great to resist). Heat pumps are capable of reversing their method of operation, meaning that they are able to both heat and cool homes. This is thanks to their use of the heat transfer method of heating, which is also quite efficient.

In the summer, the system evaporates refrigerant in the indoor units, which allows for the removal of heat. That heat is released outdoors as the refrigerant is condensed. In the summer, refrigerant is evaporated outdoors, drawing heat out of the air outside. The refrigerant is compressed, boosting its thermal energy, and condensed indoors. That allows it to release its heat inside in order to efficiently heat the house up.

No Ducts!

Let’s return to the point of not needing ductwork. Not only does it make installation easier, but it also allows for a further boost of efficiency. One of the most common causes of inefficiency in homes throughout the country is leaky ductwork. When there is no ductwork, though, there is no risk of leaks.

Not only that, but the elimination of the possibility for duct leaks also means the elimination of the risk of air quality problems that can follow. It’s not just air loss you have to worry about, but pollutant gain as well. Without ductwork, you don’t have to worry about pollutants being pulled into the system.

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