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Can I Trust My Comfort to a Heat Pump?

Monday, October 21st, 2013 at 11:19 am

Heat pumps are an alternative to more traditional heating and air conditioning systems, where you can use the same unit for a heater and an air conditioner. But is using the same system for both heating and air conditioning effective? The truth is that they make a lot of sense, especially here in Florida where conditions are ideal for their use.

A heat pump uses the same closed loop refrigerant system that an air conditioning relies on. Refrigerant gas passes through a compressor, which subjects it to an intense amount of pressure, which raises the temperature. The pressurized gas then moves into a series of condenser coils. The coils release the heat into the outside air, leaving the refrigerant in a liquid form (though still under a lot of pressure). From there, the liquid moves through and expansion valve, which releases a set amount into a series of evaporator coils. As the liquid evaporates, it cools the surrounding air, which is then blown into your home with a fan.

That’s how it works with a standard air conditioner. The heat pump uses the same basic system, only this time, the process can be reversed in the wintertime, where the coils outside your home serve as evaporator coils, asborbing heat from the outdoor air, and the coils inside release the heat into your home. That gives the heat pump a huge amount of versatility, and they use less energy than heating your home with electric heat.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat pumps work best in climates where the temperature rarely drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. That makes Florida the perfect place to use them: handling our hot days without trouble, and providing heat to keep us comfortable during our mild winters. If you’ve decided you can trust your comfort to a heat pump in Melbourne, FL, contact Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. for reliable installation and repair service.

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