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Can I Clean My Ducts on My Own?

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Regular duct cleaning is an important part of upkeep for your home’s HVAC system. Maintaining dust and dirt-free ventilation passages removes excess strain off a forced-air heater and air conditioner, helps protect indoor air quality, and makes it easier to keep a house looking clean and tidy and without dust everywhere.

Duct cleaning isn’t something to handle on your own as part of spring cleaning. You should schedule the service from professionals. We often hear from people who want advice about handling the duct cleaning job on their own, and we always inform them that the only way to handle the chore is to leave it to other people—specifically, the people with the right training and equipment.

Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. has an excellent duct cleaning team on staff. Make an appointment with us to have duct cleaning in Palm Bay, FL, done fast and right.

Why professionals must handle duct cleaning

The network of ducts in a home is extensive, and most of it remains out of sight of the homeowner. Accessing duct interiors is difficult, and the amount of debris that can build up over a year or two inside ductwork is more than a commercial vacuum cleaner can handle. You cannot open up a vent register and place a vacuum hose into it and hope to get the job done. Brooms and brushes brought into service will not complete the task either. It requires technicians who can access the entire ventilation network and remove all the contaminants inside, many of which are ground deep into the ductwork walls.

The way that professionals carry out duct cleaning is through high-powered vacuums that attach to where the ductwork leaves the HVAC system. These large vacuums put the whole ventilation system under negative pressure, and this dislodges debris and particles from the duct walls to make it easier for the vacuum to then suction them up. Special agitation equipment sent into the different registers will remove any further pollutants.

You can provide some help for your ducts on your own, however. Make sure that you change or clean the air filter in the HVAC system once a month during its regular use; this will help slow down dust accumulation. You should also keep the registers clean to allow for better airflow. But it still takes the work of duct cleaning technicians to fully clean a ventilation system for healthier indoor air and an efficient heater and air conditioner.

If more than two years has passed since you had your ductwork cleaned, or if you’ve noticed more dust around your house and higher AC and heating bills, call Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. right away to schedule duct cleaning in Palm Bay, FL.

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When Is It Necessary to Schedule Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Friday, July 4th, 2014

What is the first thing you do after you load up the dryer with damp clothes? Clean out the lint trap. Without a clean trap, your dryer will have a much harder time venting, and this will end up trapping moisture inside and leading to clothes that stay damp even after an hour at the highest heat level.

There’s another cleaning your dryer may need, although it isn’t one you do for every load of wash: cleaning out the vent that exhausts the heat from the system to the outside. Unless this vent receives regular cleaning, it will not only make the dryer less efficient, it can also lead to a serious fire hazard when the heat inside ignites the highly flammable lint. Thousands of home fires each year (15,000 in 2010, according to the National Fire Protection Association) result from clogged dryer vents igniting.

For thorough professional dryer vent cleaning in Rockledge, FL, contact Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. We specialize in duct cleaning, and bring the same knowledge and skill to cleaning out your dryer vent so your family will stay safe and your dryer efficient.

How to detect that you need dryer vent cleaning

  • Clothes are not getting dry enough: If you clean the lint filter with every load, yet your clothes still come out damp, then you are losing efficiency somewhere in the system—and it’s likely in the dryer vent. If you need to run the dryer longer and longer to effectively finish a load, it’s time to check out the vent to see if it needs cleaning.
  • Clothes or the dryer feel exceptionally hot: When a load of laundry is done in the dryer, the clothes should feel warm to the touch… not hot enough that you can’t actually touch it. If this is the case—and the outside of the dryer also feels extremely hot—then heat is not exhausting from the system, and you will need to have the vent looked at.
  • Burning smells when the dryer runs: When lint starts to catch fire in the exhaust tube, you will detect an acrid odor. Stop using the dryer immediately and call for professional vent cleaning.
  • More than a year has passed since the last cleaning: You should make dryer vent cleaning an annual routine, since a year is sufficient time for a build-up of lint to begin to clog up the vent. Get ahead of the problems of damp clothes warning you that you need cleaning and schedule the work now.

The clothing dryer is one of the great modern home conveniences; don’t let it turn into an inefficient energy drain or a serious danger!

Call for dryer vent cleaning in Rockledge, FL from Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. We can also take care of your ductwork cleaning during the same visit.

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