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Air Conditioning Repair Guide: Common Air Conditioning Thermostat Problems

Monday, February 25th, 2013 at 8:00 am

As it heats up in Melbourne, FL, it’s time to take a look at some common air conditioning thermostat problems that you may experience this cooling season. As one of the most important components in your air conditioning system, the thermostat may require calibration, repair or replacement. For excellent service and professional servicing for your air conditioning system, get in touch with Next Generation Air & Heat. We are here to answer any questions you may have about your thermostat. Call us today.

Your air conditioning system set point is a temperature degree that tells your system how cool or warm you want your home to be. You thermostat adjusts the system accordingly, whether you have set your temperature at 68 or 60 degrees. It operates as your control terminal for the operation of your home cooling system. Handling any thermostat problems effectively and quickly is a crucial part of maintaining your Melbourne, FL air conditioner as the summer approaches.

If you notice that your air conditioning system exhibits any of the following problems, the solution may be as simple as calling Next Generation Air & Heat to install a new thermostat. Remember that a proper system diagnosis must be performed by a Melbourne, FL air conditioning professional.

  • AC does not turn on or won’t turn off.
  • Power display of your thermostat no longer lights up.
  • Your thermostat doesn’t listen to you, and won’t adjust the temperature to your desired set point.
  • Your air conditioning system cools to a higher or lower degree than what you specify at the thermostat.

These are common problems that could frustrate any homeowner during this cooling season in Melbourne, FL. If you think your thermostat is no longer working properly, or if any other aspect of your air conditioning system is not cooling your home sufficiently, give Next Generation Air & Heat a call. We can have a member of our expert team of AC professionals take a look. Call us today to schedule great thermostat service.

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