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Common Insulation Problems

Monday, January 27th, 2014 at 8:37 am

With the proper insulation forming a heat seal in your home, you will have a far easier time cooling your house in summer and warming it during winter. The thermal barrier of insulation slows down the convection and conduction of heat from outside that tries to enter your home during hot weather, and uses the same properties to trap the valuable warmth from your heating system during cold weather. Quality insulation means improved comfort and lower energy bills.

However, insulation can have problems that will impair its efficiency, making your home less comfortable and putting more strain on your HVAC system. We’ll look at some common problems with insulation in Cocoa Beach, FL. If you need repair for your insulation, or would like new insulation put in, call our insulation experts at Next Generation Air & Heat Inc.

Some common problems with insulation

  • Water damage: Insulation that becomes wet (leaky roofs are one of the prime culprits) can become a serious problem. Because water conducts energy, it ruins the insulation’s power to restrict the conduction of heat and will start doing the exact opposite of what it supposed to do. To add to the problem, wet insulation can cause structural damage because it will lead to rust on metal that it touches. It will also encourage mildew growth.
  • Pest infestation: The warmth of insulation offers an inviting place for animals to nest. Rats, mice, and squirrels that find ways into your walls or attic space will make nests inside insulation, and this will lead to extensive damage from tears and animal droppings. You’ll first need to have pest control remove the nuisances, and then call for insulation repair specialists to fix the damage and make the proper replacements.
  • Poor installation: If amateurs originally installed your insulation, you likely have numerous gaps throughout the house, especially in unusual-sized spaces that require special insulation blowers to fill properly. It’s also a common mistake for amateur installers to put the wrong type of insulation in or too little of it. If you feel too hot or too cold (depending on the season) and it seems that you’re spending too much on your energy bills, consider hiring professionals to examine your home for ways to improve yoinsulation.

Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. has on staff trained insulation experts familiar with installation and replacement services. If you have problems with your insulation in Cocoa Beach, FL, give them a call to set up an appointment. Don’t delay if you think you have water-damaged insulation.

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