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Do You Need Heating Repair?

Monday, February 1st, 2021 at 11:00 am

inside-of-a-furnaceWe’ve come to the point in the year where you might be asking yourself… “Is something wrong with my heater?”

If you have to ask, then you’ve probably noticed something going awry and the answer is “yes.” It’s time for you to schedule an appointment with us. We know that the world has changed in the past year and you might not want a professional in your home because of this. But you can rest assured that we have all the right precautions in place to help combat your worries. We’re always sanitary and clean to avoid any problems.

Call us at any time. We specialize in heater repair in Palm Bay, FL.

You Need Heating Repair If…

Here are the signs that you need heating repair:

Low Heating Power

Are you struggling with poor heating in your home? You’re experiencing poor heating if you feel like you have to run your heater in odd ways. You can get the heating you’re accustomed to this winter, but you’ve got to do quite a few interesting things to get there. You have to run your heater for hours on end to get warm, you’re not warm as soon as you turn your heater off, and your heater might cost you more too. This is bad news.

Low Airflow

Have you noticed that you have low airflow? This is hard to pinpoint. It might actually be a little more confusing if you just read the heading above. Low heating output and low airflow might seem like the same problem from the viewpoint of symptoms. If you’d like to differentiate between the two then the solution is simple. Just move on over to the nearest vent and put your hand up to it. What does it feel like? If the airflow is pretty weak, then you’re going to need to call us to fix the problem.

Odd Noises

Any noise that you hear that isn’t the sound of air moving through metal vents is a problem. Some problem sounds that you might hear from your heater are banging, rattling, scraping, or any other loud or new sounds. If you notice any of these strange and concerning noises, reach out for repairs. Our technicians will figure out the source of the noise and fix it fast.

High Heating Bill

A high heating bill without a clear cause is an issue. Any spike in an energy bill is usually the unfortunate sign of trouble brewing within your system. If your bills are on the rise, come to us for the services that will identify the root cause and get your bills back to normal again.


Does your heater seem like it’s getting to its rebellious phase in life? It’s defiant and it’s like it doesn’t listen to your commands. Any time you turn on your home’s thermostat and cue up a certain temperature, it’s as if you didn’t do anything at all. Unresponsiveness is a sign that your heater is in trouble. If you handle the heating problem now, you can avoid a whole host of trouble later.

Contact Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. to schedule an appointment for your heating repair services.

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