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Heat Pumps and Setback Temperatures

Monday, January 13th, 2014 at 10:19 am

It’s the time of the year when heat pumps switch over to “heating mode,” most likely to remain there for the next few months, with a few breaks during warmer temperatures (and maybe even a few trips over to “cooling” mode—one of the great benefits of living in Florida). People want to get the most efficient heat from their heat pumps as possible, but this leads them to wonder how long they should leave the heat pump running and at what level on the thermostat they should set it. Is it better to run the heat pump at a steady temperature all day, even when you’re away from home, or to do a temperature setback and then ramp up the heat pump when you return?

The answer depends on your own comfort level and your thermostat. We’ll look at some options for the optimal heating in Melbourne, FL from your heat pump. For more help, or for heat pump repairs and maintenance, contact Next Generation Air & Heat Inc.

The important thing for maintaining efficiency with your heat pump is to use the electric resistance coils as little as possible. So, if you  turn your heat pump to too low a temperature during the day when you are not home, your heat pump might need to use the electric resistance coils to bring you house back up to a comfortable temperature later. Some more sophisticated thermostats specifically designed to work with heat pumps can automatically adjust to keep the temperature within the range where that is not necessary, which can save energy. You should talk with your contractor about the specifics of your system, but in general, we do no recommend a setback temperature of more than 5 degrees with a heat pump in heating mode.

If you have an older digital thermostat, or even an old manual one, we recommend you upgrade: you’ll receive better control over your indoor comfort, and improved energy savings. Contact Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. to talk about upgrades to your heating in Melbourne, FL today.

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