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How a Dirty Filter May Lead to Heating System Repair

Monday, September 29th, 2014 at 1:56 pm

The air filter in your heating system is designed to capture dirt and dust that would otherwise enter the various parts of your system. When your air filter becomes clogged, it can’t work properly. But a dirty filter can be far more than ineffective: it can lead to heating system repair in Melbourne. We’ll list below some of the problems that can develop from a dirty air filter, but remember that whenever you have a heating problem, you can always call for a trained and certified Next Generation Air & Heat Inc., specialist to help.

Problems Dirty Air Filters Can Cause

Here are some problems that can develop when your furnace operates with a dirty air filter:

  • Decreased airflow – your furnace needs a certain amount of airflow to work properly. Dust and dirt can hamper the airflow through excessive build-up. The job of the air filter is to capture enough dirt and dust in order to prevent this from happening. But if the air filter is clogged, it can no longer perform this function and will actually provide resistance to the air flow.
  • Decreased energy efficiency – a dirty air filter forces your heating system to work harder in order to achieve the set temperature. When your system has to work harder, it uses more energy.
  • Poor indoor air quality – your indoor air quality will decrease noticeably with a dirty air filter. This is because particles will begin to bypass the filter and become a part of your air flow. When your system cycles on, these particles will be delivered directly into your living spaces.
  • Decreased comfort levels – a system under pressure from a dirty filter will have a hard time achieving the temperature you want; this can result in a decrease in warm air to your home.

It isn’t hard to replace an air filter, but it can be easy to forget about doing it. Air filters should be changed every 3 months; if you have a hard time remembering, it can help to mark a calendar.

Should you need heating system repair in Melbourne because of a dirty air filter, call Next Generation Air & Heat Inc., today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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