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How a Poor Air Conditioning Installation will Cost You Money

Monday, August 12th, 2013 at 9:29 am

In Melbourne, FL, heat and humidity are a way of life, which means that a good air conditioning system is more than just a luxury. It also means you want your AC to function as efficiently as possible. Energy bills can climb during those warm summer months, and an efficient system will save you money each and every month over a less efficient system.

That efficiency begins with the system’s installation. A thorough, professional installation will keep things running  smoothly for some time to come. A poor installation, on the other hand, will cost you money from the get-go, and likely won’t stop until you pay for a service technician to correct the issue. How, specifically?

For starters, an inefficient installation won’t seal the connections between various components in the AC unit and the ductwork. Bolts won’t be tightened, seals will be improperly attached, and loose fittings may leak air or refrigerant as soon as the unit starts up. Not only does that force the air conditioning unit to work harder to cool your home, but it may increase wear and tear in the bargain, hastening the need for an expensive service call.

Furthermore, certain components, like the condensate pan and drain line, can have serious consequences if installed incorrectly The pan catches condensation from the evaporator coil, which then is removed via the drain line. An improper installation of the pan or the line means that the condensation won’t be drained away. It can build up, resulting in stagnant water, leaks, and additional damage to surrounding components.

Shoddy materials may enter into the equation too. A properly certified technician will use solid, reliable materials and equipment, from the sealant to the screws. A poor installation job may use cut-rate or improper materials, which will wear out more quickly and possibly damage surrounding components as well.

You can avoid poor air conditioning installation by contacting a reliable company to do the job right. The trained technicians at Next Generation handle air conditioning installation in Melbourne, FL and throughout the surrounding communities. We emphasize customer satisfaction and stand by the quality of our work. Give us a call today and make sure your air conditioning system is installed properly.

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