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How do Air Purifiers Work?

Monday, June 23rd, 2014 at 9:03 am

It’s starting to heat up for the summer here in Melbourne, which means that humidity, allergens and other particles are floating around in the outside air. Having windows and doors closed with your air conditioning helps keep these particles from entering your household, but inevitably some will get into your airflow. While your air conditioner comes with an air filter, the purpose of this built-in filter is to keep dirt and dust out of your air conditioning system, not improve the indoor air quality. So how can you improve your indoor air quality? You may want to look into the installation of an air purifier for your Melbourne property.

What Is an Air Purifier?

Simply put, an air purifier removes small particles from the air, such as pollen, mold and mildew spores, dirt and dust and other microbes that won’t get captured by your built-in air filter. By using materials that act as a sieve, an air purifier strains the inside air over and over, purifying it each time it cycles the air through.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

There are several types of air purifiers from which to choose:

  • Pleated – pleated filters capture particles through the pleats in the filter; these types of filters also have a larger surface area than the standard built-in filter. These types of filters can remove up to 40% of harmful particles in the air and they should be replaced every 3 months.
  • Electrostatic/Electronic – electrostatic/electronic filters use static energy to capture particles. With an electrostatic filter, the air around the filter is charged, creating a field of ionization. When particles move into this field, they become charged, and the electrostatic filter captures the particles by using an opposite charge.
  • UV Germicidal Lights – UV lights use the DNA-destroying power of UV-C light to eradicate bacteria, viruses and other microbes from your air conditioning system. UV lights are 99.9% effective, although they do not remove dust.

Thinking of Installing an Air Purifier? Call Us

A whole-home air purifier doesn’t just improve air quality; it can help make the air healthier for those in your home, especially for people with allergies or chronic respiratory illnesses like asthma or COPD. With several choices available to consumers, it’s best to work with a trained professional to determine what type of air purifier will be best for your Melbourne property.

To find out which Indoor Air Quality product will work best for you Call Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. and schedule an appointment today.

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