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How to Help Your Furnace

Monday, January 18th, 2021 at 11:00 am

inside-of-a-furnaceWhen you think about your heater during the winter, we’re sure that you’re mostly thinking of keeping it working well. That’s why you call for maintenance in the fall and might even follow up with repair work if you notice things heading south. What you shouldn’t do, though, is neglect first-hand action.

We know that many HVAC contractors discourage homeowners from doing DIY work. Our professionals even do this. This still stands, but we find that homeowners conflate DIY work with simple things they can do to help their heater along. If you’d like to have the best wintertime comfort possible, then keep reading below about how to optimize your furnace service in Indian Harbour Beach, FL.

Furnace Tips You Need to Know

Here are a few things that you can do to help out your furnace this season:

Switch Out Your Filter

The best way to start off helping your home’s furnace is with a filter swap. You should switch out your filter about every three months or once a season. This is a simple thing that you have complete control of as a homeowner. You can find the right filter for your home’s furnace system online or at a local hardware store. Make sure you set a calendar reminder to swap this out on a regular basis. It keeps your heater healthy!

Upgrade Your Thermostat

One great thing you can do to kick things up a notch this winter is to upgrade your home’s thermostat. If you have the same old thermostat you’ve had for years, then it’s an amazing sign to set your sights on a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat. A thermostat upgrade will make things much easier.

Clear The Path for Your Registers

Last year was a whirlwind. We spent a lot more time at home than ever before. During this time, you might have been inspired to rearrange your furniture. While we like the idea of giving your home a fresh new feel, we want you to take some time to assess your space. If you’ve moved a couch or a lamp in front of one of your registers, make sure that you move it back so that you don’t sacrifice your comfort this winter.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

If you haven’t already called up one of our heating technicians for maintenance, then make sure today is the day you do so. Maintenance has a host of benefits. It keeps you warm, it keeps your home safe, and it can even help you save money too.

Use Your Ceiling Fan

You can actually use your ceiling fan to heat your home. This is because your ceiling fan doesn’t actually cool you—the air that it pushes around does. If you get up to the base of your ceiling fan and flip the switch there, you’re going to reverse the motion of the fan blades. This will help move the warm air that collects near the ceiling down toward the part of the room people inhabit.

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