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How to Improve Your AC Service

Monday, March 29th, 2021 at 11:00 am

Spring is officially here, but it’s been here for quite some time already in Florida. This means that you’ve already had to rely on your home’s air conditioner for a while. This has surely given you ample opportunity to spot any oddities going on with your AC system. We’re here today too so you can understand the impact of things you’ve noticed and change the tide of things.

There are quite a few things that can go wrong with your air conditioner if it doesn’t have the proper care. This is why we have a full staff of professionals that’s ready to handle anything that’s thrown your way. We specialize in air conditioning in Melbourne, FL. Give our phone a ring if you need prompt and effective AC service.

Tips That Will Change Your AC Performance

Here are a few things you can do this spring to set your home up for a cool summer.

1.      Change Your Filter

You should change your home’s air conditioner once a season. Now is the perfect time to change your air conditioner’s filter for spring. We don’t always suggest that you do a lot of your air conditioning work on your own, but this is something you can do on your own. Changing a filter is easy to do. If you need pointers you can talk to one of our professionals. We’re happy to walk you through it.

2.      Tune-Up Your System

Maintenance is the best way to keep your home’s air conditioner in pristine condition. You shouldn’t go to any and everyone for your home’s tune-up, though. Instead, you should come to our professionals for this work. We care about your comfort.

3.      Know Your Best Settings

We know what it’s like to sit in your home and have it feel like you’re sitting in an oven. You want to run over to your thermostat and crank it down to the lowest setting possible. This isn’t the wise or energy-efficient practice though. We suggest that you choose a mild temperature and wait.

4.      Upgrade Your Thermostat

Do you have a top-of-the-line thermostat? If you don’t have a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat, then the answer is no. Digital thermostats just don’t cut it anymore. This is because smart and Wi-Fi thermostats work for you to save you money. It cuts out lots of the efficiency problems that you’re dealing with.

5.      Make Sure Your Home Is Properly Insulated

We find that people tend to care about insulation a lot more when it comes to winter. You want your home to have the proper padding to find the cold and keep it outdoors. Insulation matters during the spring and summer seasons too though. Insulation isn’t just for heating. Insulation is just a barrier that keeps your conditioned air where you want it.

You can start with things like caulking and weatherstripping. If you need a little more intense work, you should move to things like attic insulation.

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