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How to Keep Your AC Going Strong

Monday, October 11th, 2021 at 11:00 am

hand-drawing-check-boxSummer is officially over, but we live in Florida so the warm weather conditions are going to last for much longer than this. This means that it’s a great idea to keep your air conditioner going strong. When we’re talking about this, we’re not talking about air conditioning repair in particular. Although this might be necessary if you’re looking to improve your home services, there are many other things you can do to get your home’s air conditioner in top condition.

We’re experts when it comes to air conditioning in Merritt Island, FL. This means that we understand what goes into your air conditioning services and how to help you get the best air conditioning tips possible. Try out these tips and see if they improve your home services. 

How to Help Your AC System

Here are some tips that are sure to help your air conditioning services for the rest of the season.

Clean Up Around Your Outdoor Unit

Make sure that your home’s air conditioner is clear and free of any debris. It’s common for your air conditioner to get built up with common things that blow around outdoors. You might notice things like leaves, twigs, sticks, or any other branches. Your outdoor air conditioning unit is the source of all your cooling. If it’s starting to build up with debris and other issues, then it’s going to drag down the efficiency of your air conditioning system. We can help you work around this.

Make Sure Your Vents Are Clear

The vents in your home need to be clear and ready to distribute conditioned air. If this isn’t the case in your home, then you should make sure that you improve this now. Just move everything out of the way of your vents and consult a professional for deep cleaning as well. 

Increase Your Thermostat Temperature

You want to make sure that your home’s thermostat temperature is an efficient one that makes sense for your home. Increasing the temperature of your thermostat will save you time, energy, and money. Just a gradual increase makes a world of a difference. You probably don’t even need the temperature setting that you’re choosing. 

Place Your Thermostat Strategically

Make sure that you don’t have your thermostat facing a window where it’s under direct sunlight. This is going to be an issue for your home. It’s best to place your thermostat on an interior wall away from sunlight, hallways, windows, doors, or your kitchen. We can help you set up your system if you need assistance. 

Keep Curtains and Blinds Closed

One of the best things you can do for your home is to keep your curtains and blinds closed during the height of the day. We suggest that you close these curtains during the brightest or hottest points of the day. Even a little bit of light coming into your home will gradually raise your home’s internal temperature. Closing these blinds and curtains will help your home cool off a lot more easily. 

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