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How to Avoid Emergency AC Repairs

Monday, September 17th, 2018 at 11:00 am

AC-unitFall is a time when many homeowners across the United States rely less on their central air conditioning. For us here in Cocoa, warm temperatures last well into the first half of the season. The added workload of the summer heat might have brought problems and cooling inconsistencies to your attention—it’s a wise idea to address these problems now to avoid any emergency repairs.  Even in fall, living without air conditioning simply isn’t feasible for many of us here in Florida. Emergency repair work on your HVAC system can be very expensive and stressful. If you need air conditioning repair in Cocoa, FL, Next Generation Air & Heat is the right team for the job.

Pay Attention

You ran your air conditioning all summer and it’s likely that you’re still running it in this Brevard County heat. Take some time to think about your unit’s performance—have you noticed any changes? These changes don’t have to be catastrophic. Changes that greatly impact your air conditioning are often small like occasional noise, warmer air blowing from your vents, reduced air flow, or a slightly higher energy bill. All these inconsistencies seem unimportant in the daily flow of your life, but they’re an indication that your system needs repairs. These repairs might not be urgent now, but if you continue to ignore the decline in your air conditioning’s performance, it can advance to a state of emergency. It will be hot here for a good while longer, so enjoy these last few weeks of warm weather in comfort instead of scrambling to schedule vital repairs.

Maintain Your System

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s extremely important to maintain your air conditioning system. Scheduling routine maintenance and adhering to a twice a year tune-up schedule is a simple task that extends the lifetime of your system and helps you avoid surprise repairs. AC technicians understand the intricate functions of your HVAC system and check for problems that the average homeowner would never notice. With regular maintenance, you can catch problems early on. At Next Generation Heating & Air we even offer a priority savings plan that includes two annual tune-ups, priority service calls, no extra charge on weekends or after hours calls, and 15% off all service repairs.

Don’t Procrastinate

We understand that you may want to avoid scheduling services with an HVAC technician because the high prices of repairs for your system are deterring, but don’t procrastinate! When it comes to repairing your air conditioning, you want time to be on your side. In the HVAC world, fall is a little late for AC repairs, but it’s truly never too late. Temperatures here will cool off soon and allow you an ample amount of time to schedule repairs with our adept team and have your system ready for next spring and summer.

We’ve Got Your Back

Our company is a locally owned, family operated business that highly values its customers. We pride ourselves on our integrity, honesty, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We respect your home like it’s ours.

If you need AC repairs performed by a certified and high skilled team, contact us to schedule a service today.

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