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Insulation Makes a Difference in the Summertime

Monday, June 2nd, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Insulation is something that people tend to think of as a tool for winter and other periods of cold weather. We mentally connect insulation with wrapping a coat around our bodies to keep out the heat, and think of the thick and fluffy fiberglass bats in the walls and ceilings of our homes as serving the same job as a winter coat.

However, this is a basic misunderstanding of what insulation actually does. The coat around your body doesn’t keep the cold out, it keeps heat in. Insulation is a thermal barrier that prevents the movement of heat from an area of concentrated warmth to a cooler area (heat disperses). Because of this property of insulation, it is as important during the summer as it is in winter.

Make sure that your home has a solid thermal barrier against the summer heat (and later the entire cold) with replacement and installation of insulation in Merritt Island, FL: call Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. today and speak to our insulation specialists.

How insulation cools you in the summer

Insulation prevents the movement of heat through convection (movement thorough the air) and conduction (movement through contact). During the winter, this barrier prevents heat in your home that comes from the heating system from escaping and forcing the system to work harder. And during the summer, the barrier keeps out the heat on the outside from leaking in.

It is especially important to have effective insulation in the attic of a home. During the summer, the radiant heat from the sun can beat brutally onto the roof of a home and raise the temperature in the attic up to 130°F! Without thick insulation in the attic floor to block it, this heat will seep down into living spaces and raise the temperature 10°F or more—and that makes for enormous stress on a AC and general discomfort all around a household.

An insulation expert can help you patch up the parts of your home that need insulation replacement or new insulation installation using fiberglass blown insulation that can fit into hard to reach spaces and unusual shapes. This helps ensure that you have no leaks in your home that will allow excess heat a way to sneak in and reduce your comfort and force your AC to put in energy-draining overtime.

Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. offers service for insulation in Merritt Island, FL. Contact us today to cozy up your home for the whole year.

We can install and replace insulation in your home, as well as offer repairs for you current thermal barrier if it has suffered damage from weather or pests and vermin.


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