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Residential Insulation Options to Consider

Monday, October 14th, 2013 at 10:02 am

Effective heating in Florida requires more than having a good heater installed in your home. In a place with warm temperatures around the year like Florida, it’s often more effective to rely on excellent home insulation to keep you warm on the colder days than cranking up the heat on your system as high as it will go. You’ll still need that heat pump or furnace during the worst winter days, but if you’ve taken care to insulate your house with the best options available, there will be many times when the only warmth you need is the warmth already snugly contained in your home.

Insulation acts as a barrier against heat. During the summer, it keeps the hot and muggy outdoor temperatures from getting through your walls and doors. During the winter, it keeps the important indoor warmth from leaking outside. So as you consider these insulation options for the winter, know that you’re also preparing for the long summer as well.

Our Rockledge, FL insulation specialists at Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. are ready to assist you with weather-proofing your home. “Efficiency” is what we do when it comes to your comfort.

  • Fiberglass blown insulation: Some of the hardest places to insulate are corners, crevices, and oddly-shaped spots. However, these spaces need the insulation as much as any other, since heat will seek out all places it can to escape. Professionals use a fiberglass blowing machine to quickly fill up these tricky spots and keep the heat from pushing through them.
  • Patching: Just because your insulation is damaged—from a storm, household pests, or neglect—doesn’t mean you have to have all the insulation thrown out and replaced. If the damage isn’t spread throughout the insulation, professional patching services can shore up those gaps so the heat stays in its proper place.
  • Appropriate R-value rating: “R-value” is a measure of thermal resistance. When you get insulation installed, make sure that it has a high R-value rating—but also one that will work with your heating and cooling needs. HVAC experts can determine the right R-value insulation for your living space.

If you have questions regarding insulation, turn to Next Generation Air & Heat Inc.. We take care of all the steps of insulating your house: picking the right type, removing and disposing of old insulation, performing patch jobs, filling up the tough spots, and installing all-new insulation. For your Rockledge, FL insulation work, contact us today.

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