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Key Signs You Should Consider an Air Purifier

Monday, February 7th, 2022 at 11:00 am

You may find that your home is heated and cooled perfectly, but still, something doesn’t feel quite right. You might experience a faint, lingering odor no matter how well you clean; you can never dust quite enough, and your allergies seem to never quit even when you retreat indoors.

Even if your home’s HVAC system is in tip-top shape, there could be another reason why you notice less-than-stellar indoor air quality. Despite having a built-in filter, your heating and cooling system cannot completely remove all contaminants from the air it distributes throughout your home. In some climates, this can result in a variety of signs that you need an air purifier.

1. You Have Ongoing Allergies

You might have seasonal allergies that make spring and summer tough outside. However, you shouldn’t be experiencing any intense symptoms indoors. If you do, this is likely because pollen, dust and other irritants are still being distributed throughout the home.

In some cases, you might even find that your allergies seem to never let up. If you or a family member have year-round sinus problems, itchy eyes and runny noses, an air purifier can help clean the air and remove any symptom-causing contaminants.

Air purifiers, also known as indoor air quality (IAQ) purifiers, can ensure that no matter where you live or what allergens are circulating outdoors, your home will be a safe haven.

2. Your House Always Smells

You may find yourself relying on plug-in air fresheners and scented candles to ease the lingering smell that constantly pervades your home.

No matter how clean you are, a home with poor air quality will have an unpleasant odor. An air purifier is one of the most effective ways to curb odor and keep a fresh-smelling home year-round.

3. You Notice Mold Growing Easily

In Florida, high humidity levels can cause mold to grow more easily than in other regions. Unfortunately, this can spell disaster indoors as your home quickly starts to take on a swampy atmosphere.

Humidity and poor air quality will give mold the perfect environment to thrive. Whether it’s on produce, in your shower or on surfaces, you need the right purification system to rid the air of spores.

4. You’re Always Dusting

You could’ve sworn you wiped the TV stand a few days ago, but somehow, it’s already covered in a thin layer of dust. The windowsills are permanently dusty, and you can’t help but wonder whether your Swiffer is really doing its job.

Excessive dust is one of the leading signs you need an air purifier.

5. You Get Sick Often

Poor indoor air quality can cause ongoing, cold-like symptoms that are hard to shake. You might notice your eyes tearing up, a runny nose, scratchy or sore throat and congestion.

These all stem from the fact that poor indoor air contains an array of bacteria that can irritate your respiratory system.

If you think you could use an air purifier in Cocoa, FL, an HVAC professional can suggest the ideal type and model for your home and budget.

Contact Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. today to schedule an appointment for your air purification services.

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