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Methods Professionals Use to Seal Leaks in Ducts

Monday, January 20th, 2014 at 8:36 am

Breaks and gaps in the ductwork of your home can lead to serious problems that will affect both the performance of your HVAC system and the quality of your indoor air. Dust enters through these gaps, and air pressure escapes from them, making your heater and air conditioner work harder and the air in your home dirtier. These leaks need professionals to seal them as soon as possible. Call Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. for duct sealing, as well as duct cleaning in Merritt Island, FL.

But wait… what about duct tape? Won’t that take care of the problem?

Usually, no. For one thing, the original name of duct tape was duck tape (the reasons for this are obscure): it has nothing to do with ducts—it was designed in World War I to seal ammo boxes—and only became associated with duct work later. The actual industry name for this tape is cloth-backed rubber-adhesive tape. Duct tape has many great applications, but it has difficultly withstanding the temperature changes in ductwork, and controlled tests have shown its not a reliable duct seal.

Professionals use two principle tools to perform duct sealing that take care of the job. Some professionals favor one or the other, but both are very effective:

  • Mastic sealant: This is a resin-based sealant which duct technicians apply using a special mastic sealing gun. This sealant is used in a variety of repair projects because of its excellent durability, lightness, and flexibility. Flexibility is important for ductwork, because ducts expand and contract as they heat and cool. Mastic sealant can last for many years without losing its hold or starting to flake. It is one of the best ways of sealing metal ductwork because the contact with metal does not cause corrosion, which many other adhesives do.
  • Metallic tape: Actually, there is a form of “duct tape” that works, but it’s nothing like the duct tape you can buy at a store. Metallic duct tape is usually made from foil and can last for many years. Some duct sealing professionals prefer using these metal adhesive tapes over mastic sealant because they find mastic too messy to apply. Others prefer mastic because tape doesn’t have the same flexibility.

Have professionals seal your ducts

Something else to keep in mind when it comes to sealing ducts: it’s often difficult to access much of your ductwork. Professionals are trained to get to your ducts without causing damage to your home. Trust to the local experts to handle duct sealing and duct cleaning in Merritt Island, FL: Next Generation Air & Heat Inc.

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