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Note These Signs of AC Trouble 

Monday, January 10th, 2022 at 11:00 am

woman-in-front-of-fanIt’s still warm here. Are you doing everything you can do stay cool? We’re sure that you’re dressing for the weather, running your ceiling fan when you need to, and using your home’s air conditioner. Although these are all great measures to keep yourself cool, it’s important to pay close attention to your system. If you notice anything funny going on, we’ll be there to handle your AC repair in Cocoa, FL.

There isn’t much worse than an unexpected air conditioning breakdown in Florida. If you want to bypass this problem, then it’s important to tackle issues you’re presented with as soon as possible. Having the right knowledge concerning your air conditioner is what’s going to make this a possibility. 

Watch Out for These Issues

Here are a few issues to watch out for this season. If you’re noticing the following in your home, then it’s likely that you’ll have an air conditioning issue in the near future.

Weak Airflow

Have you noticed that there’s weak airflow throughout your home? This is a tricky problem because it’s not one that you’re likely to notice at the source. We don’t expect you to closely monitor the way air blows out of your vents and notice slight changes. What you might notice is your need to turn your thermostat down to cooler temperatures or run your air conditioner longer to compensate. Don’t think these are just natural changes in the way you run your AC. They are problems. 

Warm Air

Warm air is the last thing you want to deal with when it comes to your air conditioner. If you feel like you’re in a constant tug of war with your AC or that your air conditioner’s thermostat reading is inaccurate, the underlying issue might actually be warm air. We’ll determine what the issue is and work to fix it. 

Leaking Around Unit

The last thing you want to notice from your air conditioning unit is leaking anywhere around your home’s outdoor unit. If you do notice any liquids seeping out from this area, then it’s definitely time to have professional work on your AC unit. It’s common to have internal leaks or condensation problems with a struggling air conditioner. We can find the source of the issue and fix it fast. 

Loud Noises

Your air conditioner isn’t a completely silent system. If you’re really tuned-in to the sounds of your home, then you’ll probably hear it click on, run softly, and click off. This is all you should hear though. If you notice anything more or any new, loud, or persistent noises, then it means that you’re struggling with your air conditioner’s performance.

Odd Smells

Have you noticed that your air conditioner makes your home smell? This is always a bad sign. You shouldn’t notice that your air conditioner emits any scent. If it not only emits a scent, but that scent is also musty or unpleasant, then you’re going to need to schedule an appointment for repair. 

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