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A Packaged Air Conditioning Unit is Right for Your Business

Monday, July 22nd, 2019 at 11:00 am

packaged-rooftop-ac-unitIf you’re in charge of running a business in Cocoa Beach you know that maintaining your air conditioning system is a huge part of it. Your HVAC system really affects the bottom line of your business, no matter what type of space you have. You could have an office space, a school, or a retail store, you’re going to need a reliable air conditioning system to keep your tenants, employees, or patrons cool.

There are so many odds and ends that you have to think of when it comes to your business. If you’re looking for an HVAC company that thoroughly understands how to keep your business cool when it counts, you can come to us. We specialize in air conditioning in Cocoa Beach, FL. Choose our professionals!

What’s a Packaged AC Unit?

A packaged rooftop unit is the most common type of commercial air conditioning system on the market today. Packaged air conditioning systems are heat pumps which are great because heat pumps are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. Your commercial HVAC services for approximately 40% of the power used in commercial buildings. You’re going to need an air conditioning system that you can count on and a packaged AC system is the answer. We’ll get into the various benefits of a packaged air conditioning system below…

Why Choose a Packaged AC System?

So why should you choose a packaged air conditioning system for your business?

  • Flexibility: The thing that wins over a lot of business owners when it comes to a packaged rooftop AC unit is the flexibility. If you hire new people and expand your business the cooling capacity of your business can expand with you. Packaged rooftop AC units are modular. This means that you can add to it or take away from it easily if you redesign the space. You can even distribute the modules across the roof to tailor your temperature settings to specific areas.
  • Ease of Maintenance: If you’re in charge of running a business, you know that it’s really difficult to schedule services for the different systems in your space outside of business hours. If you have a rooftop, packaged AC unit, you can service this system during your business hours. Commercial rooftop heating and cooling systems are… well… located on the roof. This means that any maintenance or repair services can be rendered out of sight and out of mind while you go on about your day. Don’t lose out on time or money by shutting down your business for a day—choose one of these systems.
  • High Energy Performance: Rooftop units are great because they have a variety of additional controls. Rooftop systems have more precise temperature control that can help you reduce your energy usage and increase your efficiency. In addition to this, we work with air conditioning systems that have some of the best SEER ratings on the market. Trust our team we’ll ensure that your business is always efficient and comfortable year-round.

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