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Reasons to Consider Professional Duct Cleaning in Melbourne, FL

Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Ducts are placed in unobtrusive areas of your home, such as the attic and the crawlspace inside your walls, as a means of distributing cool air from your HVAC system. With it, the AC unit can distribute air safely and efficiently through your house. Over time, however, dust and dirt can build up in your duct system, necessitating the need for professional duct cleaning. Melbourne, FL and other nearby communities experience warm, humid summers, which can create bacterial growth and moisture issues in your ducts as well. There are multiple additional reasons to consider professional duct cleaning for your home.

In the first place, the presence of contaminants in your duct system can severely impact the quality of air in your household. The AC unit can spread existing contaminants into every corner of your home, creating irritation in your lungs and affecting anyone troubled by allergies. Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, the reduction in air quality can impact your health and ability to enjoy the comforts of your home.

Perhaps more importantly, dust in the system can indicate a larger problem either with the ducts themselves or with the air conditioning unit to which they are attached. Dust in the AC system can increase wear and tear on individual components, while forcing the system to expend more energy in order to cool your home. Dust in the ducts can also affect the system’s efficiency, and may indicate a leak in the ducts somewhere that will need to be addressed. Leaks not only let dust in, but allow cool air to escape, reducing your AC unit’s effectiveness and creating higher electric bills in the process.

If you suspect that your ducts need to be cleaned, it pays to consult a professional. Expert services can not only remove dust from the system, but can spot the potential source of the dust, such as a loose fitting or a breach in the ducts themselves. Next Generation is the company to call for expert duct cleaning in Melbourne, FL.

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