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Schedule Your End of Season AC Repairs Now

Monday, November 26th, 2018 at 11:00 am

AC-unitIt’s the holiday season here in Florida according to the calendar, but our weather doesn’t seem to abide by those rules! You probably still switch on your air conditioner in our Cocoa heat, but we’ll experience cool temperatures very soon, so be sure to schedule your last-minute air conditioning repairs now.

While this is a little late in the year, it’s never too late, especially in a climate like ours. Any lingering repair services you need done will help you keep your home comfortable when temperatures rise again in the Spring. You don’t have to wait until it’s blazing again to address persistent problems. In fact, addressing these issues now is more advantageous because it allows an ample amount of time to schedule any services. If you need great AC repair in Cocoa, FL then contact our team today.

Not Sure if You Need AC Repair?

Are you unsure if you need air conditioning repair? We find that a lot of homeowners here wait to schedule repairs because they’re unaware of the subtler signs of air conditioning failure. We’ve listed signs you should call for air conditioning repair below.

Odd Noises

Hearing some odd noises in your air conditioning system? Here are some trouble sounds to look out for:

  • Banging
  • Rattling
  • Grating
  • Squealing/ squeaking
  • Clicking

If you hear any of these noises, you need a professional on your side. Noises like the ones listed above are commonly caused by loose parts, faulty parts, or system inefficiency. Our technicians will assess your system and determine why you’re hearing certain noises and take the necessary steps to rectify these problems.

Unpleasant Odors

There shouldn’t be any odor coming from your air conditioning system so if you do smell odd odors then it’s definitely time for repair services. Musty scents or burning scents are common smells that your air conditioning system emits when it needs repair services. Air conditioning systems often emit bad odors when mold is present or when the wire insulation in the unit starts to singe.

These problems can pose a threat to you and your family so it’s something you should call a professional about promptly.

High Energy Bills

We know you use your air conditioner often here in Cocoa, so you know what your average air conditioning bill should look like. Has the price been a little too high lately? Have you run your air conditioner more often or for longer hours? If not, then you’re having trouble with your air conditioner’s efficiency. We can boost your air conditioner efficiency with simple repairs to get your system running well again.

Excess Home Humidity

Humidity is a big indoor air quality problem here in Florida. We experience heat very often here in Cocoa and that high heat is often almost always accompanied by humidity. Excess home humidity is uncomfortable but it’s also a detriment to your health and energy efficiency. If you’d like to boost your indoor air quality and lower your energy bills, then you should call for repair services.

Need repairs? Our team here at Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. is the best HVAC business in the area. Contact our team to schedule an appointment today.

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