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Signs Your AC Needs Professional Repair

Monday, October 29th, 2018 at 11:00 am

technician-toolsIt’s important to get your air conditioning repairs out of the way now that we’re in the midst of fall. We can expect warm temperatures here in Melbourne for a little while longer but it’s never too early to prepare. You should always schedule air conditioning repairs at the first sign of trouble. We heavily rely on our air conditioners here in Florida so it’s best to always keep them in top shape. If you need expert ac repair in Melbourne, FL, contact our team. We ensure that all our technicians are certified and extensively trained.

Not Sure If You Need Repairs?

We run into many homeowners here at Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. that are unsure if they need air conditioning repairs. Here are the signs:

  • Short Cycling: Short cycling is a term for when your air conditioner constantly turns on and off. Instead of completing a full cycle of cooling, your air conditioner will run for a short amount of time and start back up sooner after. This is hard on your air conditioning system and your wallet. Have one of our experienced service technicians assess your system.
  • High Air Conditioning Bills: You use your air conditioning for most of the year here in Melbourne, have you noticed any unexpected increases? If there’s a rise in your air conditioning bill without a corresponding rise in your air conditioning usage, it’s likely due to air conditioning inefficiency. When your air conditioner becomes inefficient, it’s forced to work against conditions that make it much harder to efficiently cool your home.
  • Loud or Troubling Noises: If you turn on your air conditioner and you hear any concerning noises, it’s time to schedule air conditioning repairs. Any noises outside of a soft, whooshing sound can be categorized as “troubling.” Common air conditioner noises that indicate you’re in need of repairs are rattling, banging, or grating. When you call a professional for repairs, we’ll assess your system, find the source of the problem, and quickly and efficiently fix the issue.
  • Low Airflow: Have you noticed that your air conditioning system doesn’t seem as effective as it used to be? Put your hand next to a vent in your home—do you have low airflow? Your air conditioner should blow a steady stream of cool air rather than a mere trickle of air. If this is a problem you’re experiencing, you should call for repairs as soon as possible.
  • Your Unit Blows Warm Air: If you’ve noticed that the efficacy of your home’s air conditioner has taken a decline so steep that it’s begun to blow lukewarm air call for repairs today. Warm air coming from your air conditioner is often caused by inadequate levels of refrigerant in your system. A professional from our team can solve this issue for you.

Hire A Reliable Professional

When it comes to keeping your air conditioner in top shape, you need a dependable service technician for the job. We’re a family owned and operated business that’s served Melbourne and the surrounding area since 2007. We understand the needs of homeowners here and we’ll be sure to help you stay comfortable in our Florida heat.

If you need air conditioning repairs, call our team today to schedule an appointment.

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