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Air Conditioning Guide: Outdoor Air Conditioning Components

Monday, August 20th, 2012

As long as all the parts are working well, air conditioning in Cocoa is a modern convenience we can easily take for granted and overlook. No matter the size, in every unit, the basic purpose is one of extracting heat from the conditioned space and moving it to the outside, leaving cool air in its place. This process easily divides into indoor and outdoor components.

In the Box Outside

Placed on a small slab on the ground alongside many homes or on the roof of large buildings, air conditioning units contain the compressor and condensing coils that enable the main (and noisiest) function of the process.

The refrigerant is contained within a closed loop, entering the compressor as an expanded gas full of heat.  Under pressure, that heat is released when the molecules are squeezed so tightly together the refrigerant returns to its liquid state.

The passing into the condensing coils, a series of delicate fins, the released heat is allowed to dissipate through the fins into the air where a small fan blows it away.  Water is also a by-product of the condensation and drains into a pan and eventually into the ground.

The condensing coil ends at the exchange valve where it is held to create just the right pressure for the evaporating coil indoors to operate at its maximum efficiency.

AC Maintenance

When maintained on a regular basis, the system requires little attention and over sight beyond scheduled appointments with a Cocoa AC company like Next Generation Air & Heat. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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