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Start Off Strong: Tips to Keep Your AC Healthy This Spring

Monday, April 1st, 2019

ac-technician-inspects-ac-unitSpring has just sprung and the temperatures are really starting to heat up here in Florida. Wouldn’t it be nice to make it through this entire cooling season without any AC issues? This is possible if you follow these simple tips we’ve listed below. It’s not hard to have a high performing air conditioning system as long as you give it the right care.

It heats up quickly here in Florida, so if you’re already facing problems, then you might be a little past the point of preventative care. If you need a professional AC technician in Palm Bay, FL then you can rely on our team here at Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. for all your air conditioning services. We’re a reliable and responsible team dedicated to keeping our customers cool!

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It’s Not Too Late for an Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Monday, October 1st, 2018

AC-technician-outdoorsWe know it’s fall, but the weather doesn’t abide by the rules here in Florida. It’s likely that you’ll still need back-up from your air conditioning unit to combat this heat for a little while longer. If you’re thinking of waiting until spring to address any air conditioning concerns you may have you might want to reconsider. Procrastination is the enemy of your HVAC system, you should always stay on top of any air conditioning maintenance or repair needs you have. Although fall is a little late to get an air conditioning tune-up, these types of services are always better late than never. If you need an air conditioning tune-up in Palm Bay, FL, look no further than Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc.

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Why Do I Need a Fresh AC Filter?

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

air-filterThe idea that you don’t need to maintain your air conditioner at all just because you pay for professional tune-ups each year is no less problematic than the idea that you can tune your air conditioner up on your own. This really is not the paradox that some homeowners seem to mistake it for being. Yes, you need professional AC tune-ups on an annual basis. Yes, there are also a few steps that you should take on your own more regularly. And yes, changing your air filter as needed is a must!

Now, you may be thinking that a dirty air filter isn’t really that big of a problem. You may be thinking that your air filter isn’t that dirty, because it’s not as though your air quality has taken a serious dip. If that’s your way of thinking, though, then you can expect to run into some serious issues with your air conditioning in Cocoa, FL. Here is how a dirty air filter can negatively affect your system and its performance.

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How You Can Prevent AC Problems

Monday, April 16th, 2018

comfortable-woman-on-couchHere in Florida, we don’t tend to get quite as antsy for summer to arrive as they do in other areas of the country. Why is that? Well—summer does not really go away for very long, regardless of what the calendar says! Around here, your AC is going to be working hard throughout most of the year, not just for a few months at a time.

That is why it is so important that you have any problems with your air conditioner dealt with promptly and professionally, lest you wind up without effective or reliable cooling on a scorchingly hot and oppressively humid day. Of course, preventing problems from developing in the first place is even better. Here are some tips for staving off the need for AC repair in Melbourne, FL.

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AC Maintenance Matters!

Monday, February 19th, 2018

AC-technician-outdoorsYou live in Florida. You are no stranger to oppressively hot and frequently muggy weather. It’s just part of life down here, and a lot of us love the heat and general weather pattern that comes with all of this sunshine. Of course, it is a lot easier to love the type of weather that we’re so frequently dealing with when we have dependable and effective air conditioners in our homes. That is exactly why routine AC maintenance in Palm Bay, FL is so vital.

If you are not diligent in scheduling professional air conditioning maintenance on an annual basis, you are really setting yourself up for trouble. Trust us when we tell you that a lot of the problems that we see with air conditioners could have been avoided or, at least, caught earlier on with annual AC tune-ups. Don’t let your system catch you off-guard. Schedule professional air conditioning maintenance with the pros on our team. You won’t regret it.

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When Is the Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance?

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Warmer weather has already started to arrive here in Florida. We can expect a few more cool days ahead, but we are now in the build-up toward our warm spring and hot summer temperatures. That means air conditioners will start turning on across the state.

Is your AC ready for another long hot season? It’s vital for your air conditioner’s prolonged service lifetime to make sure it receives a maintenance visit before the summer arrives. Spring is the most common time for homeowners to schedule maintenance for their ACs. However, at Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. we think the best time is… right now! We’ll explain why you should consider taking care of your air conditioning maintenance in Melbourne, FL sooner rather than later.

Reasons to schedule AC maintenance now

  • Avoid the later scheduling crunch: As the temperature starts becoming consistently warm, HVAC companies will begin receiving more repair and emergency service calls—not to mention requests for maintenance visits. If you get a jump on the spring with maintenance, you will have an easier time scheduling a convenient appointment.
  • Stop rising bills: Chances are good that you are already using your AC. But are you also already paying too much to run it? During the winter inactivity, your air conditioner may have developed dirt and small malfunctions that—although not immediately noticeable during operation—will reduce its efficiency and drain extra energy. Look at your power bills and ask yourself if you think you should be paying less. A maintenance visit will provide your AC with the necessary tune-ups and adjustments to get it back to peak operation that won’t place a strain on your bills.
  • Prevent later repairs: If your air conditioner needs repairs, it is a good idea to get them done before the most serious heat arrives. A period of AC inactivity during the summer weather for repairs can be very uncomfortable and inconvenient, but a maintenance technician can arrange to take care of any problems during the cooler weather before spring arrives.

If you are looking to sign up for air conditioning maintenance in Melbourne, FL, call Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. today to discuss our Priority Savings Club. You’ll receive two annual precision tune-ups (one for your AC, one for your heater), plus 20% off all service repairs and a 5-year extended guarantee on all parts and service. Membership also comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Orlando Air Conditioning Question: Why Are Clean Filters So Important to AC Efficiency?

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Your Orlando air conditioner cost money to operate – even more when it doesn’t work at 100% efficiency. So, it is important to perform the various regular maintenance tasks that ensure the system uses as little electricity as possible. The first thing on your list (and the easiest) is cleaning those filters.

Keeping Filters Clean

The Department of Energy’s Energy Savers website states that you can reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by as much as 15% simply by keeping the air filters clean. Why do they matter so much? Consider the nature of a filter.

The filter on your AC unit is designed to capture any dust, debris and sediment in the air supply. If that dust and sediment was allowed in, not only would it gum up the mechanical workings of the device, it would get into your ductwork and reduce the air quality of your home. So, filters are used to capture such things. However, when a filter gets clogged, the system must work harder to draw the air in. As it works harder, the motor turns faster and more electricity is used.

It takes very little to clog the filter of an AC unit, especially if it is running 24 hours a day for two or three months out of the year. So, it’s best to check your filters once every 30 days regardless of what type of filter you are using.

Which Filters to Check

The main filter on your Orlando AC unit should be checked along with any air handler filters and any air cleaner filters you have installed in your system. Another thing to consider is the condition of your home and the area around your outdoor condenser. If you have pets, lots of plants or your condenser is located in a dusty area, you may need to check and change those filters even more often.

Most filters are located along the return length of the ductwork – sometimes in ceiling ducts and walls, though they may also be located in your furnace’s air handler or inside the air conditioning unit.

Clean air filters are important for your health, your wallet and the longevity of your Orlando AC system. Stay on top of them and you will save money in more ways than you might expect. For any help changing your filter or to schedule a maintenance visit, give Next Generation Air & Heating a call!

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Get to Know Your AC Filter

Friday, June 29th, 2012

AC Filter | Melbourne | Next Generation Air and HeatDo you know what type of filter your air conditioner has? Some type of filters need to be replaced every month, others are reusable. Ask your HVAC technician to show you how to change your filter and how often you should change it; it’s a key step in keeping your air conditioner working efficiently. If you have pets or you use your air conditioner heavily, you will need to change your filters more often.

The experts at Next Generation Air and Heat can educate on your specific air filter. We can help you figure out the best schedule for changing your filter, and recommend additional maintenance steps to keep your AC running at top efficiency. We provide quality air conditioning, heating, and duct cleaning in Melbourne and Central Florida.

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An Easy Way to Improve the Efficiency of Your AC System

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Simply schedule a maintenance check at least once a year!

Scheduling a system tune up with a professional HVAC technician once a year can help to prevent loss of energy efficiency in your home comfort system. Did you know that all components of your air conditioner – including the filters, coils, and fins –need regular maintenance to continue to function effectively? If you neglect air conditioner maintenance, you will see a decline in your unit’s performance AND an increase in your electricity bills. Worn out parts and buildup throughout the system can decrease performance, causing energy bills to sky rocket. To keep your unit functioning at peak efficiency, make sure to have it checked out once a year by a professional HVAC technician. Find out about our Priority Savings Plan and save with discounts off annual maintenance.

AC Maintenance | Mebourne | Next Generation Air Conditioning

For your peace of mind and wallet, we encourage diligence when it comes to the maintenance of your AC system. An AC tune up is always cheaper and less stressful than an emergency situation!

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