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Why Do I Need a Fresh AC Filter?

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

air-filterThe idea that you don’t need to maintain your air conditioner at all just because you pay for professional tune-ups each year is no less problematic than the idea that you can tune your air conditioner up on your own. This really is not the paradox that some homeowners seem to mistake it for being. Yes, you need professional AC tune-ups on an annual basis. Yes, there are also a few steps that you should take on your own more regularly. And yes, changing your air filter as needed is a must!

Now, you may be thinking that a dirty air filter isn’t really that big of a problem. You may be thinking that your air filter isn’t that dirty, because it’s not as though your air quality has taken a serious dip. If that’s your way of thinking, though, then you can expect to run into some serious issues with your air conditioning in Cocoa, FL. Here is how a dirty air filter can negatively affect your system and its performance.

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How You Can Prevent AC Problems

Monday, April 16th, 2018

comfortable-woman-on-couchHere in Florida, we don’t tend to get quite as antsy for summer to arrive as they do in other areas of the country. Why is that? Well—summer does not really go away for very long, regardless of what the calendar says! Around here, your AC is going to be working hard throughout most of the year, not just for a few months at a time.

That is why it is so important that you have any problems with your air conditioner dealt with promptly and professionally, lest you wind up without effective or reliable cooling on a scorchingly hot and oppressively humid day. Of course, preventing problems from developing in the first place is even better. Here are some tips for staving off the need for AC repair in Melbourne, FL.

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AC Maintenance Matters!

Monday, February 19th, 2018

AC-technician-outdoorsYou live in Florida. You are no stranger to oppressively hot and frequently muggy weather. It’s just part of life down here, and a lot of us love the heat and general weather pattern that comes with all of this sunshine. Of course, it is a lot easier to love the type of weather that we’re so frequently dealing with when we have dependable and effective air conditioners in our homes. That is exactly why routine AC maintenance in Palm Bay, FL is so vital.

If you are not diligent in scheduling professional air conditioning maintenance on an annual basis, you are really setting yourself up for trouble. Trust us when we tell you that a lot of the problems that we see with air conditioners could have been avoided or, at least, caught earlier on with annual AC tune-ups. Don’t let your system catch you off-guard. Schedule professional air conditioning maintenance with the pros on our team. You won’t regret it.

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What Happens During Air Conditioning Maintenance in Rockledge?

Friday, May 16th, 2014

There’s a lot of talk about regular maintenance for your air conditioner that may have left you wondering, “Why is this so important?” There is also the thought that regular maintenance may incur costs that aren’t necessary. So what happens when Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. conducts air conditioning maintenance in Rockledge? We’ll explain it here.

Why Is Routine Maintenance Important?

Before we get into what happens during a routine maintenance visit, let’s first go over why it’s so important to do it:

  • Increased longevity – doing regular maintenance on your air conditioner helps the system to operate optimally. Once your air conditioner becomes stressed, normal wear-and-tear can happen faster, making your AC less efficient and aging it prematurely.
  • Fewer repairs – repairs on your air conditioner will be necessary at some point, but regular maintenance can help reduce both the amount of breakdowns you have as well as the size of the repairs.
  • Increased energy efficiency – when your AC works as it should, it maximizes on its energy efficiency. Any energy-efficient system has a hard time saving on energy when it’s dirty and/or stressed due to needed maintenance and repairs.
  • Improved air quality and comfort – operating your air conditioner without regular maintenance can compromise the quality of air coming into your home, as well as the comfort level. Regular maintenance checks keep your AC running the way it was designed, bringing you clean, cool, dry, comfortable air.

What Happens During Routine AC Maintenance?

There are 3 key actions that occur during a routine maintenance appointment with your Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. specialist:

  • Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Adjustments


The first action your technician will take is to inspect your system. He/she will look at things like:

  • Components of both the in-and outdoor units: compressor, condenser and evaporator
  • Check for proper refrigerant level
  • Check the drains, including the condensate tray and drain
  • Inspect electrical connections, wires and circuits


There are several parts of your air conditioner that should be cleaned twice a year. During a routine maintenance appointment, your technician will clean the following:

  • Condenser and evaporator coils
  • Air filters
  • Fins
  • Outside and inside unit cabinets


Normal wear-and-tear can loosen screws, stretch belts and de-lubricate components like ball bearings. Other types of adjustments may include:

  • Recharging refrigerant
  • Tightening loose components
  • Using a fin comb to straighten bent fins
  • Lubrication of joints
  • Repairing of frayed wiring

Haven’t Seen Us in a While? Call Today!

Routine maintenance can be the difference between having an efficient, working air conditioning system versus a stressed, non-efficient one.

Don’t take a chance on potentially compromising your comfort level this summer – call Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. to schedule your upcoming air conditioning maintenance in Rockledge.

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The Importance of Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

At Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. our goal is to keep all of our customers as comfortable as possible throughout the entire year. One of the greatest ways that you can help protect your comfort this summer is to give us a call and schedule routine air conditioning maintenance. There is simply no better way for you to keep your air conditioning system as efficient and reliable as possible than with professional maintenance. Call us today to schedule service.

Routine maintenance is extremely important if you want to cool your home consistently and confidently. During routine maintenance all of the individual components of your air conditioning system will be inspected and tuned up. This allows your air conditioning system to operate more easily. When it is easier for your air conditioner to do its job it is less likely that problems will develop. Over time it is inevitable that your air conditioner will experience some general wear and tear. This is not necessarily a problem, but if your fail to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance then this wear and tear will go unaddressed. That means that it will be forced to operate in a compromised condition, greatly increasing the chance of damage to your system.

Scheduling professional maintenance is also a great way to make sure that you can cool your home affordably. When every individual part of your air conditioner can operate properly less energy will be needed to cool your home. The less energy that your air conditioner requires to operate, the less money you will wind up paying in energy costs. Plus, routine maintenance gives your air conditioning technician the chance to discover and diagnose any small or developing problems with your AC before they can seriously reduce efficiency or even lead to damage.

If you have any questions about the importance of routine Melbourne, FL air conditioning maintenance just give us a call. The air conditioning maintenance professionals at Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. are always happy to share our expertise with you. Schedule service today.

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Air Conditioning Guide: Benefits of AC Maintenance

Monday, March 18th, 2013

When summer hits in Melbourne, FL, you want to be confident in your air conditioner. With temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the cooling season, homeowners need to know that they can depend upon their AC systems to provide effective and efficient performance. This gives you peace of mind and the comfort you and your family deserve. But maintaining air conditioners can be tricky and requires constant care. That’s where the Next Generation professionals come in. We’d like to show you the benefits of AC maintenance in Melbourne, FL. Call us today!

  • Avoid downtime. Staying on top of AC maintenance will help you prevent your AC from breaking down during the hottest times of the year. Routine professional maintenance services allow you to rest assured that your system is being taken care of, and if problems arise, an AC technician is not far away.
  • Energy-efficiency. You can significantly improve your energy-efficiency by routine maintenance. Cleaning and replacing air filters, lubricating parts as well as a general inspection are just a few of the things that ensure your system always runs to the best of its ability. Happily, maximizing energy translates to cost savings. The more efficient your system is, the lower your energy costs. Maintaining your AC is the simplest and most cost-effective way to do this.
  • Extend the life of your AC. Regular maintenance is not just about present day energy efficiency. It’s also about protecting your investment. As with any other machine, routine inspection and cleaning can help you get the most out of your AC. Whether you’ve had your system for 5 years or 5 months, take the necessary preventive steps now to ensure that you’ll stay cool for the summers to come.
  • Peace of mind. This is a “soft” benefit that many homeowners overlook. We know that you work hard all year to maintain your home comfort. When something goes wrong, it can be stressful and frustrating. Allowing an air conditioning pro to inspect and clean your system on a regular basis can help you to reduce stress. You have enough to worry about. Let us help you.

Homeowners in need of AC maintenance in Melbourne, FL could benefit from our Priority Savings Club, which entitles you to biannual precision tune-ups, priority service, as well as a 20% discount on all service repairs. Give Next Generation Air & Heat a call today! 

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Tips for Efficient Air Conditioning this Summer

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Whatever type of home cooling system you have—whether it’s a heat pump, central air, ductless mini split, or packaged unit—it’s important to make sure that you maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner to provide efficient cooling all summer long. Inspections, cleaning, tune-ups, and repair are all necessary duties of securing the longevity of your air conditioning. After all, an AC unit is a big investment, so don’t let your money fly out the window; call the Melbourne, FL air conditioning efficiency experts at Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. today!

Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your air conditioner this cooling season:

  • Clean your air filters. Make sure you have new air filters for this summer, especially if you haven’t replaced them for some time. While air filters are designed to make sure your home has clean indoor air, filters that are clogged or dirty with dust, pollen and other debris can actually impede airflow. This causes your air conditioner to work harder, and therefore significantly reduces your energy-efficiency.
  • Clean your ductwork. In forced air cooling systems, ductwork is necessary to circulate the conditioned air throughout your home. But over time, ductwork can accumulate dust and allergens, and this can cause unpleasant odors and even pose a health risk. Even a thin layer of debris in your ductwork can significantly impact the efficiency with which your air travels through the system. If you sense a stale or musty odor in your home, or see dust or mold on vents and diffusers, you may find that a duct cleaning could help your home achieve a higher level of comfort and efficiency.
  • Upgrade your system. Unimpressed with the efficiency of your current AC system? Consider upgrading to a new model with a high SEER rating; it could save you money in the long run. Also, switching to a highly energy-efficient ductless mini split allows you to cool your home without extensive ductwork.

We hope these tips have been useful to you. You can always call the Melbourne, FL efficient air conditioning experts at Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. if you have further questions.

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Air Conditioning Guide: Outdoor Air Conditioning Components

Monday, August 20th, 2012

As long as all the parts are working well, air conditioning in Cocoa is a modern convenience we can easily take for granted and overlook. No matter the size, in every unit, the basic purpose is one of extracting heat from the conditioned space and moving it to the outside, leaving cool air in its place. This process easily divides into indoor and outdoor components.

In the Box Outside

Placed on a small slab on the ground alongside many homes or on the roof of large buildings, air conditioning units contain the compressor and condensing coils that enable the main (and noisiest) function of the process.

The refrigerant is contained within a closed loop, entering the compressor as an expanded gas full of heat.  Under pressure, that heat is released when the molecules are squeezed so tightly together the refrigerant returns to its liquid state.

The passing into the condensing coils, a series of delicate fins, the released heat is allowed to dissipate through the fins into the air where a small fan blows it away.  Water is also a by-product of the condensation and drains into a pan and eventually into the ground.

The condensing coil ends at the exchange valve where it is held to create just the right pressure for the evaporating coil indoors to operate at its maximum efficiency.

AC Maintenance

When maintained on a regular basis, the system requires little attention and over sight beyond scheduled appointments with a Cocoa AC company like Next Generation Air & Heat. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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Air Conditioning Guide: Finding an Ozone Friendly Air Conditioner

Monday, June 25th, 2012

We’ve heard about ozone depletion for almost 20 years as a major problem caused by a variety of chemicals we use almost every day. Propellants in aerosols, certain cleaning materials and the refrigerant in your air conditioning system are all culprits in the depletion of the ozone layer. So when you purchase a new AC in Rockledge, you want to be sure you won’t continue to contribute to the problem.

What Causes Ozone Depletion?

The number one contributor to ozone depletion is chloroflourocarbons, the man-made chemicals used in air conditioners since Thomas Midgley, Jr. invented the compound in the 1920s. When these chemicals reach the stratosphere, the ultraviolet light from the sun breaks the compound down to its base components, including chlorine atoms which subsequently break down thousands of molecules of ozone before dissipating.

The earliest CFCs used in air conditioners were incredibly damaging to the ozone. But since legislation was passed to stop the damage and new technologies were developed, there are less damaging alternatives.

Specifically, the refrigerant R410-A is considered environmentally friendly in that it doesn’t cause ozone depletion. Some air conditioners still ship with the older refrigerant R-22, however, which has been linked to ozone depletion and will no longer be allowed in new products after 2020.

Which Products Can You Buy?

When searching for a new air conditioner, look for a system that uses only R410-A.  Of course, while R410-A doesn’t cause ozone depletion, it isn’t necessarily 100% environmentally friendly. Remember that to keep your Rockledge air conditioning system working at peak efficiency, you should schedule a maintenance check up every year – give Next Generation a call today!

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Air Conditioning Tips: Cleaning Your AC Condenser in Three Easy Steps

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Keeping your Melbourne air conditioning unit clean can help to maintain efficiency levels and prevent repair needs. It can also help the system last longer and improve indoor air quality. Because the condenser is part of the outside unit, it’s constantly exposed to outside dust, dirt, and yard debris; therefore, it is very important that you take the time to thoroughly clean the condenser coil and fan. Remember, before you clean any part of your AC system, always turn off all the power to the unit.

If you aren’t sure how to locate the condenser, feel free to call Next Generation Air & Heat, and we can tell you where to find it and provide a few cleaning tips. In general, you can clean the air conditioning condenser unit in three, easy-to-follow steps, which are outlined below:

  1. Always start by ensuring that there’s nothing blocking the airflow to the unit. You may have to trim low braches or prune back bushes that are obstructing the airflow. Clear away any dead grass clippings, or weeds that have grown up around the unit.
  2. Once the unit is free of debris and dirt, clean the condenser with a professional coil cleaner, which should come with instructions on how much to use and where to apply the cleaner. Although some contractors recommend washing down the entire outside unit with a garden hose, you have to be very careful not to bend the fins. It’s best to use a specialized condenser cleaner and let it air dry.
  3. To clean the fins, you can use a dry, soft brush to remove dust and dirt. Remember to clean the fins carefully because they are bendable and damage easily. Straighten bent fins with a fin comb, which you can find at any HVAC supply store, or sometimes a hardware stores. Ask a professional if you aren’t sure how to use the fin comb.

When your AC is not in use, keep it covered with the condenser cover that came with your air conditioning system. If you don’t have a cover that fits properly, call one of our Melbourne air conditioning experts to help you find a replacement cover or one that will fit your particular model. Don’t use anything that could come off easily in inclement weather. Covering your AC unit in the winter will help prevent damage or corrosion.

If you do happen to notice physical damage while cleaning your outdoor condenser unit, call Next Generation Air & Heat so that we can send one of our HVAC technicians to assess the damage or make any necessary repairs.

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