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How to Help Your Furnace

Monday, January 18th, 2021

inside-of-a-furnaceWhen you think about your heater during the winter, we’re sure that you’re mostly thinking of keeping it working well. That’s why you call for maintenance in the fall and might even follow up with repair work if you notice things heading south. What you shouldn’t do, though, is neglect first-hand action.

We know that many HVAC contractors discourage homeowners from doing DIY work. Our professionals even do this. This still stands, but we find that homeowners conflate DIY work with simple things they can do to help their heater along. If you’d like to have the best wintertime comfort possible, then keep reading below about how to optimize your furnace service in Indian Harbour Beach, FL.

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How to Improve Your HVAC Efficiency

Monday, January 4th, 2021

hand-drawing-check-boxWe’ve worked our way through the holidays and now we’ve arrived in the New Year. We just passed that time of year where we were in the midst of a holiday bustle—we know that the last few weeks probably ran you ragged. You were running around finding gifts, attending virtual parties, and trying to make sure that everything was ready to celebrate. In the midst of all that, you likely didn’t have a moment to consider your HVAC system. However, now you are noticing that something seems off. Or rather, you’ve noticed things are more expensive than they should be.

Think about how many times you’ve used your heater just in this past month. We’d guess that you’re using your heater close to every single day. That’s why you need to care of your HVAC system. We’re the right HVAC contractor in Indian Harbour Beach, FL for you.

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Are You Happy with Your HVAC Services?

Monday, October 26th, 2020

hand-drawing-check-boxWe’ve finally arrived at that time of year—it’s fall in Florida. We’re in between the blazing hot heat of the summer and the colder temperatures of winter. If you’re looking for the right HVAC services, we’re here to help you out. To start off, we’d like to suggest assessing your home’s needs. If you we’re satisfied with your air conditioning system this summer season or you needed more from your heater last winter, then it’s time to call us.

You come to us for HVAC services in Indian Harbour Beach, FL. We’re going to ensure that you’re getting the right work for your home. Trust us when we say that we’re going to iron out any problems that you’re having. We only want you to get quality work.

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Air Conditioning Installation: When Ductwork is Not an Option

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Most air conditioning systems are referred to “forced air” systems because they force air through a series of ducts in order to provide cooling to your home. Central air conditioning systems and heat pumps both fall into this category. But what about homes that simply don’t have space for ductwork? This is fairly common in older homes and also in historic buildings that were built before ductwork was common. In those situations, a different kind of solution exists: ductless mini split air conditioners.  Read on below to learn more about these terrific home comfort systems.

Ductless mini split air conditioning systems have actually been around for a very long time. As their name implies, they don’t use ductwork to move cool air through your home. Instead, they use wall-mounted units inside your home that are placed in different sections of your house. The wall-mounted units circulate the air in those areas and provide cooling or heating.

The installation process for ductless mini split AC systems is very easy for any Melbourne, FL air conditioning installation technician. The indoor unit need to be installed on your wall or ceiling. A small hole needs to be drilled in the wall behind the wall-mounted unit to allow for electrical wires, refrigerant tubes and condensation drains. The refrigerant tubes and electrical wires run outside to a central condensing unit.

Ductless mini split air conditioners have several very attractive benefits over central air conditioning systems.

  • First, as cool air travels through ductwork it can absorb heat through the walls of the ducts which reduces the efficiency of central AC systems and heat pumps. Ductless mini split AC systems don’t use ducts which allows them to avoid that energy loss.
  • Second, ductless mini split AC systems provide natural zone control for homeowners because each wall-mounted unit can be controlled independently of each other.

If you need air conditioning installation in Melbourne, FL, just call the friendly experts at Next Generation. 

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Tips for a Successful Air Conditioning Installation

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Next Generation Air and Heat offers fast, reliable and good quality installation services for all different types and brands of AC systems. There are a few things that homeowners can do to make sure that their new air conditioning system is installed properly to maximize performance and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Rating

One of the most important things to look at in a new air conditioning system is the efficiency rating. Most air conditioning systems are given a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. This rating is a measurement of how much cooling the unit provides over a season divided by the amount of energy used. The higher the SEER rating the more efficient the equipment is. Typically, a SEER rating of 14 is required in order to receive an Energy Star seal. Finding an air conditioning system that meets your home’s energy goals is a huge priority for homeowners.

Cooling Capacity

Another very important component of your new air conditioning system will be how much cooing it will provide. If you get an AC system that is too small or too large it could cause serious issues for your home. Make sure that you get have your air conditioning installed by a qualified contractor. AC technician will help you find the perfect-sized system of your home.

Good Installation

Finally, the most important things that you can do for your new air conditioning system is to get it actually installed in your home by a professional technician. Bad installation is a very common cause of air conditioning problems. If your air conditioning system isn’t installed properly it can cause problems for years in your home. Call the air conditioning installation in Melbourne, FL pros at Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. today to get an estimate.

If your air conditioning system has started to need more frequent repair, or if you need a new AC for your new home, call Next Generation Heat and Air today. We’ll work with you to find a good system for your home. 

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Air Conditioning Tip: Why Insulation Is Important in the Summer

Monday, May 6th, 2013

We often don’t think much of the insulation that runs throughout our walls, floors, and ceilings during the summer. After all, we mostly associate insulation with keeping warm air inside our home, which is not exactly the goal of air conditioning. But insulation is important during the summer heat and humidity. The truth is that insulation is a thermal barrier that regulates the temperature of our home by keeping hot air out as much as it keeps cool air in. For more information about how to improve your Melbourne, FL air conditioning system, call the experts at Next Generation Air & Heat today!

  • Energy efficiency: During the long hot summer, you need your AC not only to perform, but to be energy efficient as well. Making sure that your home is well insulated ensures that your air conditioner’s cooling output will not simply be immediately lost by passing through the exterior walls. Efficiency measures the ratio of cooling output versus electrical energy input, and every AC manufactured and sold in the US has a particular SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating that estimates its energy efficiency during the cooling season. But this is only an estimate and will mean nothing in practice if your home is not insulated properly.
  • Performance: You need your Melbourne, FL air conditioner to perform, whether it’s central air or a ductless mini split system. Considering how hot and humid it gets here, you need to do everything you can to ensure that your AC is able to do its job. While a good system alone is a great start to reliable performance, taking care of other aspects of the cooling process, such as the insulation of your home, is just as critical.
  • Decreased wear and tear: If your AC has to constantly strain to produce enough cool air for your home because much of it goes through the roof or exterior walls, then you are causing unnecessary additional wear and tear on your AC unit. Insulation can help to alleviate the pressure you place on your AC every summer.

For more information about how insulation can improve your comfort during the summer, call the Melbourne, FL air conditioning experts at Next Generation today!

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Air Conditioning FAQ: What is a Condenser?

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Although you may rely heavily on the efficiency and effective performance of our air conditioners in Melbourne, FL, you may not be entirely sure how they operate, or what the various components do to keep you cool even during the hottest days of the year. One of the questions we often get from customers who are curious about their AC systems is, “What is a condenser?” Because of the importance of its role in the cooling cycle, we’d like to devote this post to explaining the basics of the condenser and its role in the cooling process.

  • What it is: An air conditioner condenser is one of two coils within the system. It resides in the weatherized outdoor unit, and surrounds the compressor motor, which is responsible for pressurizing the refrigerant. The condenser is assisted by a vertical exhaust fan, which draws air through its coils.
  • What it does: The purpose of the condenser coil is to condense the refrigerant. As the refrigerant leaves the evaporator coil, it is in a gaseous state. The compressor takes this low-pressure gas and turns it into a very hot and high-pressure gas. The point of this is to raise the temperature to such a degree that the thermal energy stored in the refrigerant would disperse into the outside air. The refrigerant then condenses within the coils, turning back into a liquid and moving back towards the evaporator coil to cool another round of air.
  • Potential issues: Because it resides outdoors, the condenser coil is subject to certain risks of physical damage, which can be caused by vermin, vegetation, or accidents around the outdoor property of your home. It also tends to accumulate dust and other particulates, which can be harmful to normal operation. Your condenser needs to be able to dissipate heat into the outdoor air in order to bring the temperature of the refrigerant back down. If there is anything wrong with it, the refrigerant cycle will become impaired.

We hope you found this brief guide to the condenser useful. For more information about your AC and how it works, or to schedule a Melbourne, FL air conditioning service, call Next Generation Air & Heat today.

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Air Conditioning Tip: Reasons Why My AC Won’t Turn On

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Our air conditioning systems in Melbourne, FL combat the heat and humidity on a daily basis. We need to make sure that they are maintained professionally and carefully to ensure that they continue to provide efficient and effective cooling for our homes. However, there are times during the service life of your AC when it needs professional repair. One of the most frustrating problems is when your AC simply won’t turn on, and this post will go over possible causes of this problem. If you need professional air conditioning repair in Melbourne, FL, call the experts at Next Generation Air & Heat today! 

  • Thermostat fault: First, make sure that your thermostat is properly set and that it’s calling for cool air. If nothing happens when you set it, there may be a connectivity issue with your thermostat. It it’s wired, there may be a damaged connection somewhere in the line between your thermostat and the AC. If it’s wireless, then the problem may be with the location of the thermostat. Metal walls can create interference between the AC and the thermostat so make sure that this is not an issue by consulting with a professional.
  • Electrical issue: Check to make sure that your AC has not blown a fuse, or tripped the circuit breaker. If it hasn’t, then there may be another type of electrical issue that requires professional assistance. One of the electrical supply lines may have been damaged, for example. It’s important that any electrical problems be examined by a qualified professional.
  • Blower motor broken: The fan motor in your air handler may be broken if your AC won’t turn on. The blower is responsible for pushing cool air throughout your ductwork, but if it has overheated, or one of its mechanical parts is damaged, then the system may not turn on.

There is a variety of things that can go wrong with your air conditioning system during the long hot summer. During the cooling season, your AC system is under a lot of stress and strain. Make sure you take care of any repairs quickly before the summer hits. For air conditioning in Melbourne, FL, call Next Generation Air & Heat today

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Common Problems with Air Conditioning

Monday, April 8th, 2013

As the temperature begins to rise in Melbourne, FL, homeowners throughout the area are looking for ways to improve their cooling systems. No matter what the age, condition, or make of your air conditioner, at some point in its lifespan, it may require repair. While not all air conditioning systems are alike, there are some common problems that arise. We’d like to inform you about several such issues, so that you can readily identify them. Once you know your AC has a problem, you can seek the expert care of a technician. For air conditioning repair in Melbourne, FL, call Next Generation today! 

While the causes of these common problems are by no means straightforward, your local professional will be able to rapidly diagnose and recommend a solution. Let’s take a look:

  • Inadequate cooling: If your AC won’t cool adequately, it can be incredibly frustrating. After all, energy costs being what they are, we want to make sure that we are getting the most from our cooling systems. There are a few different causes of this problem, including a clogged air filter or a duct leak. Both of these can negatively impact the passage of cool air into the home.
  • AC won’t turn on: More often than not, this is an electrical problem. Depending on the condition of your electrical system, you may have a wiring malfunction somewhere. Alternatively, you may have only tripped the circuit breaker or blown a fuse, both of which, however, can indicate an inadequate supply of electrical power to your unit. This can also indicate a problem with the thermostat. It may need to be calibrated or may have been improperly installed.
  • Frozen coil: When cold air gets trapped within the air handler with nowhere to go, it can cause the evaporator coil to freeze up. As with any material attached to the surface of your AC coils, frost can significantly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of your air conditioning system. This is often due to a clogged air filter, or a blower malfunction.

These are by no means the only problems that can occur with your AC system, but they are among the most common. For Melbourne, FL air conditioning repair, call Next Generation today! 

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Air Conditioning Repair? Signs Your AC is in Trouble

Monday, April 1st, 2013

All air conditioning systems will experience operational problems at some point along the line. While a quality product, a professional installation and routine AC maintenance can help minimize these problems, it is impossible to completely eliminate them. When you run into trouble with your home cooling system it is important that you schedule air conditioning repair as soon as possible. In order to do so you must know some of the basic warning signs indicating a problem with your AC.

Here are some of the common warning signs that you need to schedule air conditioning repair in Melbourne, FL. Contact Next Generation Air & Heat for more information.

One common sign of trouble with your air conditioner is a sudden increase in the cost of operating your system. If you have not made any real alterations to your home cooling habits then your air conditioning costs should not fluctuate too much. If it suddenly costs much more to keep your home cool and comfortable then there is likely a problem that requires professional air conditioning repair. A qualified professional will be able to inspect your system and tell you for sure.

Take notice of any general decline in the performance of your air conditioning system as well. The development of warm spots throughout your home or uneven cooling may result from a number of different causes. There may be a mechanical problem the AC itself, or your ductwork may be compromised in some way. In either case, the sooner the necessary air conditioning repair is made the less likely serious damage to your system is to occur. Even problems that seem very minor, like strange noises during operation, may indicate a more major problem in development. Your comfort is too important to take chances with. Call today to schedule air conditioning repair in Melbourne.

Do not suffer through a long, uncomfortable summer due to air conditioning troubles. Call the Melbourne, FL air conditioning repair pros at Next Generation Air & Heat. We’ll help you keep your home comfortable this cooling season.

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