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Why Insulation Matters in Your Melbourne, FL Home

Monday, December 17th, 2012

When it comes to heating and cooling your Melbourne, FL home more efficiently, insulation matters. It is actually one of the most important factors in making the most out of the heated and cooled air that you pay for. Problems with the insulation in your home can lead to serious discomfort and skyrocketing heating and air conditioning bills. If you are concerned about the insulation in your home, contact the professionals at Next Generation today. We can help you heat and cool your home in a more efficient, effective manner.

When you heat your home the whole purpose is to ensure that the air inside is warmer than the air outside. The problem with this is that hot air will naturally try to go to colder areas, in this case the outdoors. If you have cracks in the walls of your home this can be a serious issue, as you will be paying to heat your home only to have that air escaping through the cracks. You probably wouldn’t throw your money out the window, so don’t let the air that you have heated and cooled do just that.

With high-quality insulation by a qualified professional you can keep the air that you have heated and cooled in your home where it belongs. This allows your heating and air conditioning system to work more efficiently, meaning that you can keep more comfortable for less money. Even your ductwork can benefit from proper insulation. Air ducts are one of the leading causes for energy loss in most homes. By effectively insulating your air ducts you can help ensure that the energy used to heat and cool the air within them is being put to good use.

If you have any more questions about the necessity of good insulation in you Melbourne, FL home, call Next Generation Air & Heat Inc today. We’ll make sure that the energy you pay for is giving you the return on your money that you deserve.

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Insulation Tips from a Local Contractor

Monday, October 29th, 2012

One of the best ways to increase the overall energy efficiency of your Melbourne home is to make sure that it is properly insulated. There are lots of different companies that offer products for every insulation need that you might have. Using the services of a professional contractor is a good idea if your home is drafty or if you’re noticing an increase in utility bills. They can help you figure out the best route to take to insulating your home. We’ve assembled some tips to help you make sure that your Melbourne home is properly insulated.

Types of Insulation

Here are some of the common types of insulation available:

  • Rolls and Batts – These are those pink rolls of fiberglass insulation that you’ve probably seen.
  • Loose-Fill – This is a type of insulation that is blown into the crevices of your home’s walls, floors, ceilings and attic.
  • Rigid Foam Board – This is more expensive than other kinds of insulation because it has to be hung like drywall. However, for its thickness it is more efficient that other types of insulation like loose-fill and rolls/batts.
  • Foam-in-Place Insulation – This kind of insulation is sprayed into the crevices of your home’s walls, ceilings and attics. It expands to fill those spaces and insulate your home. You can buy small cans of this product to insulate your windows, doors and electrical boxes.

When to Use Them

Depending upon where you live and the characteristics of your home, a different insulation might work better than another. A Melbourne insulation contractor will be able to help you determine which type is best for your house. On exterior walls, you may want to use a thinner insulation like rigid foam board or foam in.

Your attic is one of the places that is most vulnerable areas in your home for energy waste. Focusing on that area might be a good idea if you have a limited budget. Wind bafflers and sealing your attic access is a good way to make sure the attic is venting properly and not leaking air.

General Tips

  • Seal your doorframes, windows and electronic panels. Air can leak through these openings.
  • Insulate your duct system. Leaks and cracks in your ducts can waste a ton of energy.
  • Insulate water pipes
  • Adjust window treatments – adjusting your blinds can keep heat from entering your house

If you have any questions about the insulation in your home in Melbourne, call the experts at Next Generation.

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Why Upgrade Your Heating System and Your Insulation at the Same Time

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

We all love to stay warm and cozy during the winter. But if your Melbourne heating system is on the fritz and it’s time to replace it, consider doing the same for your insulation. There are several advantages to doing this and we’ve put together a collection of them.

Increased Comfort

Over the last few years there have been significant improvements in insulation and heating technology. Your new heating system is going to provide you with efficient and even heating across your house. But if your insulation hasn’t been replaced in your home, you may not be able to fully benefit from your new system. Old insulation can allow a lot of the heat to escape to the outdoors. This can lead to cold spots in your house and drafts. Sealing up those cracks and putting in new insulation will increase the overall comfort in your home.

Increased Efficiency

You may have decided to replace your heating system in order to take advantage of the increase energy efficient of newer furnaces. But if you just upgrade your heating system and not the insulation, you might not experience the energy savings you had hoped for. Old insulation might be letting all that nice heated air float right out of your house. When you upgrade your insulation, you can help trap that heat in your home and enjoy greater efficiency. This can potentially lead to savings on your monthly energy bill.

If you have questions about upgrading your heating system and the insulation in your house, call the Melbourne heating experts at Next Generation. We have years of experience working with customers in the Melbourne area and would love to talk with you.

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Home Insulation Guide: Year Round Benefits of Insulation

Monday, October 1st, 2012

You probably know that insulation is an important part of your Melbourne home’s comfort control system and needs to be properly installed and well maintained not just for the winter and summer but for the entire year to ensure high efficiency from your HVAC system. Here are a few things to consider about insulation and why it is so beneficial at various times throughout the year.

 Increased Heating and Cooling Efficiency

The obvious benefit of having good insulation in your home is that the heating and cooling systems you have will run more efficiently. The higher the R-value of your insulation, the more efficiently it traps and retains heating and cooling in your home to avoid energy loss. It also keeps things like cold air from getting inside.

Reduced Need for HVAC in Spring and Fall

Because good insulation will reduce energy loss, it makes it possible to use your HVAC systems much less in the moderate temperatures of both spring and fall. This is a good thing for those that are comfortable with slightly higher or lower temperatures to save some money on your bills.

 Air Quality Improvement with Proper Supplementation

Good insulation can also improve your air quality by keeping out contaminants from outside. Of course, it needs to be paired with other air quality improving elements like a filtration system.

Good insulation is a must for every modern home. If your home’s current insulation is not sufficient or if you are concerned that it will not be sufficient for long, especially in extreme weather conditions such as those you might face, is never too early to have it inspected or replaced – call Next Generation Air & Heat today! 

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