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The Tools of Duct Cleaning

Monday, January 14th, 2013 at 8:00 am

If the indoor air quality in your home is subpar, you cannot be truly comfortable. Excellent temperature regulation from your home heating and cooling system is great, but if the air that you breathe is not up to your high standards, you need to resolve that issue. One way to do so is to ensure that your air ducts are clean on the inside. There is no way that you can perform this service on your own, though, so be sure to call Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. to handle your duct cleaning services in Melbourne, FL professionally.

Professional duct cleaning entails much more than just vacuuming off the vents and registers or sweeping out the opening. A lot of specialized tools are used in the process, and only a professional duct cleaning service provider can ensure that they are used properly for ideal results. One of the most important tools, of course, is the high powered vacuum used in the process. These vacuums are serious pieces of equipment, and once you see one in action you’ll understand why you couldn’t hope to clean out your air ducts with your household model.

Special agitating devices are also used in the duct cleaning process. It is not enough to simply vacuum or sweep out your air ducts. Allergens and other pollutants can get stuck to the surfaces in your air ducts, affecting efficiency and air quality. The agitation devices used by duct cleaning service providers free up these pollutants and allow the vacuum to suck them all up.

You may think that the cleaning process is over at this point, but many professional duct cleaning technicians will use video inspection equipment to ensure that the job is done completely and effectively. By feeding a camera into your ductwork they can take a look inside and evaluate the job that they have done. This allows them to find any remaining debris or trouble spots that need further attention. Only when your air ducts are truly, completely clean should your service provider leave.

If you have any further questions about duct cleaning services in Melbourne, FL or if you would like to schedule service, call Next Generation today. We want to make your home a more comfortable, healthy place to live. Call today.

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