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A Thermostat Can Change Everything

Monday, September 14th, 2020 at 11:00 am

modern-thermostatIf we asked you to think about all the important parts of your air conditioning system, what would come to mind for you?

We’ve posed this question to our fair share of homeowners here in Florida, so we think we know the answer. If we had to guess, you’d probably say your outdoor air conditioning unit, or your air conditioning vents themselves. While these are two heavy-hitters, they’re not the only important part of your HVAC system. Your thermostat carries a lot of weight too.

If you haven’t given your home’s thermostat the time and attention that it needs in the past, we want to help you change that today. We specialize in HVAC service in Melbourne, FL and we can help you get your air conditioner to reach its full potential.

The Importance of Your Thermostat

First, let’s talk about the importance of your thermostat. As we stated in the title, it really can change everything.

We like to draw comparisons to make the world of HVAC a little simpler in the minds of homeowners. All the technical terms can be a snooze-fest and we understand that. For today’s purposes, you can think of your home’s air conditioner like a symphony. The thermostat would be the conductor.

No one moves, blows into a flute, or raises a bow to a violin without the cue from the conductor. If the conductor is on point, then the entire symphony performs in harmony. If the conductor is having an off day or makes a mistake, the song is going to sound terrible.

The same basic principles apply to your home’s thermostat. It’s important to note that your home’s thermostat is commanding your air conditioning system. It really isn’t the other way around. Your thermostat isn’t just a switch you want to use to turn your air conditioner on either. It’s the brain of your home’s air conditioning system and without the right thermostat, your home’s AC is going nowhere fast.

Smart and Wi-Fi Thermostats: The Latest and Greatest

Now, let’s get into everything that you need to know about smart and Wi-Fi thermostats. Smart and Wi-Fi thermostats are the latest thing on the market. These systems are great if you’re looking for a thermostat that can take your home efficiency to the next level.

Wi-Fi Thermostat

The days of waiting for your home to cool off are gone with a Wi-Fi thermostat. You can program this thermostat from your phone, tablet, or computer which means that you can start cooling your home before you even get there.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have all the capabilities of Wi-Fi thermostats with the added ability to “learn” how you like to temperature control your home. If you turn on your air conditioner at the same time every day and set it to similar temperatures, your smart thermostat will take note of this and start to act accordingly. Smart thermostats can even suggest better energy practices to help you save money.

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