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What Are the Benefits of Zone Controlled Cooling?

Monday, August 20th, 2018 at 11:00 am

AC-manifoldAs this long, hot summer winds down you might have noticed some imperfections in the cooling abilities of your AC. It’s commonplace that large or multi-level homes have inconsistencies. If you feel that it’s impossible to evenly cool your house completely, that you waste money cooling certain areas of your home, or that you would like to save money on cooling then zone controlled cooling is for you. Whether you’d like to improve your AC by having zone controlled cooling applied to your existing HVAC system or you need a routine ac repair in Melbourne, FL, our team at Next Generation Air and Heat, Inc. is the perfect crew to call.

Why Should I Zone My HVAC?

If you’ve encountered any of the problems listed below then zone controlled cooling is for you.

Cooling Pointless Spaces

If you’ve ever complained about cooling the downstairs area of your home while you’re asleep upstairs, or cooling spaces that those in your home rarely use, then zone controlled cooling is the answer. With this system, you can have one temperature in your bedroom, another in your living room, and another in your office.

Cooling Unevenly

There are other factors that affect the temperature of different spaces in your home. The second floor of a home tends to be much warmer than the first. Rooms that see more direct sunlight during the day tend to never fully cool off, and rooms that receive less sunlight tend to remain chilly. When you blast the same temperature throughout your household, it affects these spaces differently. Zone controlled cooling allows you to address specific spaces depending on their circumstances.

Solving Cooling Disputes

If you live in a home with a large number of people, you probably haven’t found that perfect temperature that keeps everyone content. That’s because it doesn’t exist! Different people in your home need individually-tailored cooling. Zone controlled cooling can make everyone happy.

Wasting Money

Most consumers think of zone controlled cooling as an added luxury to their current HVAC system. This luxury can actually save you money. Think of a summer night when your family is sleeping comfortably upstairs and the entirety of the first floor of your house is being cooled for no reason. With zone controlled cooling, you can stop cooling these spaces overnight and resume cooling when you need to occupy them in the morning.

What Do I Need to Make the Transition?

It’s not as hard as you might think to integrate zone controlled cooling into your home. The biggest change is the zone control panel. Think of this panel as the brain of the system that controls the thermostats, HVAC system, and zone dampers. Zone dampers are placed in the ducts throughout a home to control airflow to rooms. After being alerted by the thermostat, the control panel sends cues to the dampers to increase or restrict air flow.

Additional thermostats are key to this system. Thermostats are added to each zone of your house to continually read the temperature of the room. If the room isn’t at the optimal temperature, the thermostat sets the system in motion to adjust. Not all HVAC systems will operate optimally with a zone control system, so be sure to work with our professionals to guarantee that you find the ideal solutioin to your cooling issues.

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