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What Happens During Air Conditioning Maintenance in Rockledge?

Friday, May 16th, 2014 at 8:59 am

There’s a lot of talk about regular maintenance for your air conditioner that may have left you wondering, “Why is this so important?” There is also the thought that regular maintenance may incur costs that aren’t necessary. So what happens when Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. conducts air conditioning maintenance in Rockledge? We’ll explain it here.

Why Is Routine Maintenance Important?

Before we get into what happens during a routine maintenance visit, let’s first go over why it’s so important to do it:

  • Increased longevity – doing regular maintenance on your air conditioner helps the system to operate optimally. Once your air conditioner becomes stressed, normal wear-and-tear can happen faster, making your AC less efficient and aging it prematurely.
  • Fewer repairs – repairs on your air conditioner will be necessary at some point, but regular maintenance can help reduce both the amount of breakdowns you have as well as the size of the repairs.
  • Increased energy efficiency – when your AC works as it should, it maximizes on its energy efficiency. Any energy-efficient system has a hard time saving on energy when it’s dirty and/or stressed due to needed maintenance and repairs.
  • Improved air quality and comfort – operating your air conditioner without regular maintenance can compromise the quality of air coming into your home, as well as the comfort level. Regular maintenance checks keep your AC running the way it was designed, bringing you clean, cool, dry, comfortable air.

What Happens During Routine AC Maintenance?

There are 3 key actions that occur during a routine maintenance appointment with your Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. specialist:

  • Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Adjustments


The first action your technician will take is to inspect your system. He/she will look at things like:

  • Components of both the in-and outdoor units: compressor, condenser and evaporator
  • Check for proper refrigerant level
  • Check the drains, including the condensate tray and drain
  • Inspect electrical connections, wires and circuits


There are several parts of your air conditioner that should be cleaned twice a year. During a routine maintenance appointment, your technician will clean the following:

  • Condenser and evaporator coils
  • Air filters
  • Fins
  • Outside and inside unit cabinets


Normal wear-and-tear can loosen screws, stretch belts and de-lubricate components like ball bearings. Other types of adjustments may include:

  • Recharging refrigerant
  • Tightening loose components
  • Using a fin comb to straighten bent fins
  • Lubrication of joints
  • Repairing of frayed wiring

Haven’t Seen Us in a While? Call Today!

Routine maintenance can be the difference between having an efficient, working air conditioning system versus a stressed, non-efficient one.

Don’t take a chance on potentially compromising your comfort level this summer – call Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. to schedule your upcoming air conditioning maintenance in Rockledge.

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