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What Is My Best Option: Heat Pump or Furnace?

Monday, January 6th, 2014 at 8:28 am

The heating season in Florida, the time of year when we shut off our air conditioners and switch to our heaters, is much shorter than it is for much of the rest of the country. However, we still need our heaters to work for us on those cold days and nights that can strike during the season. You want the best heating you can for your home… but what is the best heating system?

The choice often comes down to a furnace or a heat pump. We’ll break down these two options for you so you’ll have a better idea what is right for your Melbourne, FL home. However, nothing will help you make the decision more than the expert advice of the staff at Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. Not only will we help you choose the best heating system for you, but we’ll also provide excellent heating installation service.

Furnace vs. Heat Pump

Furnaces: The main advantage that furnaces have is their flexibility. There are furnace models for different types of fuel source (electricity, gas, propane) and for any size of house. Furnaces provide a high level of heating for any kind of weather, and the gas models are particularly energy-efficient. A specific advantage of the natural gas furnace that can mean a lot in Florida is that they can still provide heat even if the power goes out; this is a great assurance during the stormy season.

Heat Pumps: The big attraction of heat pumps is that they solve two problems at once, since they function as both air conditioners and heaters, eliminating the need to have a separate air conditioner. Heat pumps use only small amounts of electricity to provide heat (and they don’t burn fuel to create heat, the instead move heat from one place to another). The only drawback for heat pumps is that they struggle with extremely low temperatures… but this is rarely a problem for homes in Florida.

How to Decide

Although one of the above options may sound like the right one for you, every home is different and has specific requirements for heating it. To make sure you get the best option, contact Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. to help you with installation from the beginning. Our heating specialists will figure out how best to heat your home and the right sized heater to do it. Whether you need a furnace or a heat pump in Melbourne, FL you can trust that we’ll find the right one for you.

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