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Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is So Important

Monday, July 21st, 2014 at 10:47 am

Every time you use the dryer, one of the key steps is to clean out the lint filter before you start up the cycle. If you don’t, your clothes will not dry as fast and the dryer will run for longer, wasting power. This same principle applies to the dryer vent that runs from the dryer to the outside of the house, although on a larger scale and with more important implications.

The dryer vent exhausts the heat from the inside of the dryer to the outside, and it also takes a large amount of lint fibers with it, which will start to build up inside the vent. You should have the dryer vent cleaned out on a regular basis to remove the link accumulation, usually once annually, although if you use the dryer frequently you may need to schedule cleaning more often. A professional service can take care of this job for you fast and effectively. Contact Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. today and arrange for dryer vent cleaning in Palm Bay, FL.

Why is it so important to have the dryer vent cleaned? There are two reasons:

  • Fire safety: The heat inside a dryer is intense—it has to be in order to dry clothes in a short, efficient time. But a dangerous side effect of this heat is that it can cause fibers, which are highly combustible, to burst into flames and start a house fire. This is a serious problem that caused 15,000 fires in 2010 alone in the U.S. This isn’t a risk that you want to take with your dryer, so make sure that it is professionally cleaned. Also, a dryer that is not venting properly will become excessively hot on the outside, which can be dangerous for people who might touch it.
  • Dryer efficiency: The same way a blocked lint filter will keep your clothes from drying effectively, a clogged dryer vent will cause your dryer to run inefficiently in general. The inability to vent the air from the inside of the dryer will trap moisture inside and make it much harder to dry your clothes. You will need to keep the dryer running longer and longer in order to reach the desired temperature. Not only will this raise your bills, but it can damage your clothes.

If you notice that your dryer is no longer working as well as it once was, and you keep finding damp clothes at the end of the wash cycle, then you probably have a clogged dryer vent and need to call for professionals to clean it before it turns into a safety hazard.

Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. can offer you fast & professional service whenever you need dryer vent cleaning in Palm Bay, FL and the surrounding areas. 

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