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Why Maintenance for Your Heat Pump Is Essential

Monday, February 3rd, 2014 at 8:33 am

Heat pumps represent a sound investment in your Rockledge, FL home, and let you keep your household comfortable without spending more than you need to. They make particular sense in Florida, with its long summers and warm winters (which ensure that the heat pump functions as effectively as it can). Regular maintenance visits from a trained professional are an important part of that process. Here’s why maintenance for your heat pump is essential to keeping the efficiency and savings that you’ve come to expect.

A tune-up is important because it corrects a lot of little problems before they become bigger problems. Some of the tasks your tech will do include such little as tightening loose parts so they don’t rattle in their housings; cleaning dust off of key components and changing the air filter if necessary; measuring refrigerant levels and recharging them if they are low; and running the heat pump for 15-20 minutes to watch for any potential problems. In the event something more serious crops up, you then have the time and the luxury of scheduling a repair visit according to your schedule, rather than scrambling to do it after a full breakdown. Not only does that help you get a jump on potential repairs before they get out of hand, but it helps your heat pump function as efficiently as it can. That means saving money on monthly energy bills — one of the big advantages of a heat pump over other types of heater – as well as reducing the chance of a serious breakdown and extending the life of your equipment in the process.

Since you run your heat pump all year round, you should schedule maintenance for your unit twice a year, once before heating season and once before AC season. Call Next Generation Air & Heat Inc.  today and make sure your heat pump in Rockledge is running as well as it possibly can!

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