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Why Your Heat Pump Is Becoming Expensive to Run

Monday, February 10th, 2014 at 9:17 am

In Florida, we’re moving into the time of year when we’ll ease out of using our heaters and start to activate our air conditioners. If you have a heat pump installed in your home, this is a simple switch to make: you only need to change the heat pump from “heating” to “cooling” mode on your thermostat.

In these waning days of colder temperatures, you still need to keep up with heat pump repairs. Don’t let important heating repairs in Melbourne, FL go neglected, since the heat pump’s cooling mode operates on the same principle as the heating mode; trouble with one likely means trouble with the other.

One of the common warning signs is a heat pump that is costing more than you think it should while in heating mode. If you have inordinately high heating bills that you can’t explain, contact Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. We offer emergency service for your convenience.

Reasons for elevated heat pump operation costs

  • Dirt contamination inside the cabinet: Your heat pump needs smoothly working motors to perform at its best. These motors run the compressors and the fans, vital parts of the heat pump’s operation. If dust begins to enter the cabinet because of a clogged air filter, it will increase friction on the motors and make them harder to run. This will place an extra drain on your power.
  • Refrigerant leaks: The refrigerant that cycles through your heat pump stays at a fixed amount (called its “charge”) that does not dissipate during condensation and evaporation. However, the refrigerant charge will drop if leaks occur along the coils or in the compressor. During heating mode, this will lead to icing along the outdoor coil and a drop in the heat pump’s ability to absorb outside heat. Since both leaks and outdoor icing are difficult to notice, the first warning sign this is happening is often a spike in heating bills.
  • Lack of regular maintenance: The many components of a heat pump require routine checks, cleanings, and adjustments. You should have a yearly visit from a technician to examine your heat pump to check if any faults are developing that will cause it to work inefficiently. If you’ve neglected regular maintenance, your heat pump will begin to drain power as it runs down. It’s never too late to start with maintenance, however! Contact a reputable HVAC company and schedule a visit.

Whether you need maintenance or heating repair in Melbourne, FL, you can count on the services of Next Generation Air & Heat Inc. to help you with a heat pump that’s costing extra money to run. Call today to ask about our Priority Savings Club and its maintenance plan.

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