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Spring 2012

Reasons to Have Your Duct System Professionally Cleaned

Your HVAC system has many components, including ductwork, which is often overlooked. Many homeowners don’t realize that ductwork requires the same regular maintenance as their furnace or air conditioner. Here are a few reasons why you should have your duct system professional cleaned once each year.

 Air Quality Issues
Ductwork moves a very large quantity of air between your air handler and the vents whenever your furnace or air conditioner is on. While the primary role of the ductwork is to move heated or cooled air, it can also moves a great deal of airborne contaminants, including dust, mold, pet hair, and more. Most indoor comfort systems have some form of air quality control such as a filter, but it is often located within your heating or cooling unit or air handler.
Over time, contaminants can settle in the ductwork and they will be re-circulated whenever your HVAC system turns on. Unless you have an indoor air quality system you’ve installed, dirty ductwork will circulate these same contaminants throughout your home on a regular basis.

 Vermin Infestation
For many homeowners, mice, rats, squirrels or other vermin can manage to find their way into your home and one of their favorite hiding spots is ductwork. Regular, annual cleanings will remove any signs of vermin, including old droppings or food that might be causing indoor air quality issues.

 Who Needs Duct Cleaning

While everyone with an indoor duct system should have a cleaning done at least once a year, those who experience moisture problems or who have issues with their indoor air quality should have it done immediately.

Ductwork that isn’t properly cleaned on a regular basis presents many problems which shouldn’t be ignored. It can make your heating and air conditioning systems less efficient. Debris can block airflow and hinders the transference of heated or cooled air. As a result, you may not be as comfortable as you would like. It might not be a problem with the furnace or air conditioner – it could simply mean it’s time to clean your ductwork.
On average, one good annual cleaning will take care of the majority of these problems and allow for a professional inspection of your ductwork to make sure it has no leaks. Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Reasons you Should Only Hire Licensed HVAC Contractors

There is a good reason why HVAC contractors have a licensing system. It’s to ensure you, as the customer, know that the person you hire is experienced in what they do. Without that license, there would be no way to know if the person you hired was capable of completing the job in a timely and safe fashion. Here are a few reasons why a licensed contractor is so important for your next HVAC call.

 Proper Training
To receive licensing, an HVAC contractor must undergo rigorous training in a variety of different disciplines. Without that training they may not know how to properly repair common problems and it’s unlikely they can complete maintenance on all major brands. Licensing also requires training with new technologies. With so many new and higher efficiency technologies being introduced into the market each year, this is a must.

When someone is licensed, they are held accountable for their work by that license. Not only does it ensure you know they were properly trained, it means you have recourse if they are negligent in their work. Unlicensed contractors are less likely to take care with your repairs because they are not beholden to the same rules and regulations as their licensed counterparts.

 Cost and Reliability
Often working alone and without the accountability of a license, an unlicensed HVAC contractor can charge whatever they want for services, often overcharging for the same job that a licensed contractor would do much faster. Even when not done intentionally, someone without proper training will take longer to complete routine jobs and therefore will likely charge more money for them.

 Long Term Results

Imagine what would happen if an unlicensed contractor did a subpar job of repairing a major component of your HVAC system--the system could break down again in a short period of time or it could fail completely and require even more costly repairs or worse yet, replacement.
A licensed contractor will often guarantee their work. Additionally, when working with a licensed contractor, you can often get a maintenance plan that will keep your system running smoothly for years to come.
As with any professional service, HVAC repair should only be done by a licensed expert. The risk you face by hiring someone who claims to have HVAC experience without proof is too great.