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Commercial Freezers

Commercial freezers are a necessity for many different types of businesses. Whether you run a large grocery store or a small corner café, having the right commercial freezer can have a huge impact on how you do business and how many products you are able to offer your customers. There are many types of commercial freezers and choosing one can be a complicated process.

Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. Inc. has been working with customers all over the Palm Bay and Melbourne, FL area for years, helping them find just the right commercial freezers to suit their needs. We would be happy to do the same for you whether this is the first time you are making this type of purchase or you are a seasoned veteran of the food service industry.

Our technicians know as much as anyone about how to select, install, maintain and repair all types of commercial freezers and we would be happy to supply yours as well. We also take great pride in only offering what we feel are the highest quality products in the industry, so you can be sure that when you do business with us you are getting the best.

Walk–In Freezers

If you have a larger business (and have the space), a walk–in freezer is an excellent option. This type of freezer allows you to store a wide variety of goods in such a way that they are easily accessible to you as you work. The extra space also makes it possible to store larger items and configure your freezer in multiple ways. Rather than being stuck with only shelves or only drawers, you can have a little bit of both, and that can make storage of various types of items easier.

Upright Freezers

If you do not have the need for a walk–in freezer or simply do not have the space, an upright model is also an excellent option. This type of freezer comes in all shapes and sizes as well, so you can easily find one that will fit in the space you have available for your freezer.

Upright freezers typically come with adjustable shelving as well, so you can customize the interior space to suit the types of things you need to store. This also means that you will have easy access to a wide variety of items in the freezer which minimizes the time you have to spend digging around in the cold to find what you are looking for.

Chest Freezers

Chest type freezers are another option, particularly if you are going to be storing a lot of the same few items. Chest freezers can sometimes fit better in tight spaces than uprights, and they make it easy to stack similar items on top of each other in a way that uprights do not. However, if you have a variety of smaller items to store in your freezer, a chest model can make it difficult to keep these items organized so that you can find them when you need them.

Quality Freezer Service

Really, the type of freezer that is best for you will depend on a lot of factors related to your individual situation. Our expert staff will help you sort through all of the variables to come up with just the right option for you. In addition to providing great new freezers for our Brevard County, Florida area customers, Next Generation also offers ongoing maintenance and repair services to keep those freezers running well for as long as possible.