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Ice Machines

When you work in the food service industry, it is often necessary to have ice on hand. In this business, you can use ice for all kinds of things—from simply adding it to drinks to building attractive displays with items that must be kept cold. With so many potential uses for ice, an ice machine can be a real asset. But what kind of ice machine do you need?

The truth is that there are quite a few different makes and models of ice machines out there. And they are not all created equal. In fact, finding the right ice machine to suit your particular needs may be much more challenging than you might expect.

If you are located in the Palm Bay and Melbourne, FL area, come to Next Generation Air & Heat, Inc. Inc. for your ice machine needs. We will do all we can to make the process as easy and as painless as possible. Our expert staff will be happy to assist you in sorting through the different variables to find just the right product and we provide full installation, maintenance and repair services as well.

Ice Quantity

The first thing you will have to think about when evaluating your ice machine options is how much ice you actually need. Ice machines come in all different sizes, and while you do not want to be running out all of the time, you also do not want to spend too much for a larger ice machine than you really need.

Also, while you do not want to buy a machine that is too big, you do want to make sure that the one you choose will be able to handle an increase in demand as your business grows. Of course, particularly if you are just starting your business, this can be a difficult thing to figure out. But with many years of experience working with professionals in the industry, our staff members are well equipped to help you evaluate your needs.

Ice Shape and Size

In addition to deciding how much ice you need, you will also have to pick out the type of ice you want. Most ice makers make one type of ice, but what type that is will vary. For instance, certain models make only cube ice, while others make flakes and still others churn out nuggets.

This may seem like a silly detail, but each of these types of ice are better suited to different applications, so what you will be using your ice for is an important thing to take into consideration. Flake ice, for example, is great for storing and displaying fresh meat and produce, while cube ice would be preferable if you are mainly going to use it in the drinks that you serve.

Ice Machine Dimensions

It is also important that the ice machine you pick out is the right size. You do not want to be stumbling over your ice machine all of the time, and you want to be able to put it in a location that makes it conveniently accessible. We make sure to carefully measure the space available beforehand to help you pick out a unit that will match the dimensions.

Ice Machine Installation and Service

Next Generation can provide full ice machine installation, maintenance and repair services to customers all over the Brevard County, Florida area. We are always glad to add a new name to our list of satisfied customers so give us a call today and let us know what we can do for you.