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How Do Smart Thermostats Work in Vero, FL?

Many modern households in Vero, FL choose to use smart thermostats over traditional ones. They offer more control and versatility, but do you know how they work? Take a closer look to understand this relatively new piece of HVAC technology better.

Traditional vs. Smart Thermostats

Traditional thermostats usually have a metal strip that expands whenever the temperature rises or lowers. This expansion causes the completion of an electrical circuit, leading to the activation of the cooling system. If that strip contracts and gets cool, it activates a different circuit or heating system.

A thermostat can also be digital, which operates using the same mechanism. The difference is that digital options are more accurate in measuring the change in conductivity, thanks to a special resistor.

Meanwhile, a smart thermostat offers similar capabilities with the addition of communicating with your smartphone. It also comes with other features such as Internet connectivity for weather adjustments and voice assistant compatibility.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

For a thermostat to be “smart,” it requires extra hardware typically installed on a unified motherboard just like your computer. This allows it to perform extra functions such as storing information, wireless communication and input handling. It is smart because it connects your HVAC system to the internet, letting you control your home’s temperature even when you are away.

If the smart thermostat senses that the temperature has risen above the limit you set, it signals the receiver to cool the room. If it gets colder than the preset limit, the smart thermostat turns it back up to maintain your desired temperature.

You can also change the thermostat settings directly through your smartphone. Using a mobile app, you can set the preferred humidity, temperature and schedule while also allowing you to view usage history.

The mobile app transmits your input over the Wi-Fi network to your connected thermostat. It will then send the signal over to the heating or cooling system to let it know whether to raise or lower the temperature or humidity level.

The Benefits of Using Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat can make your life so much easier. It allows you to schedule temperature changes, such as turning the AC on two hours before you arrive home from work or heating up the space during a chilly morning.

Most smart thermostats come with an app, which means there is no need to get up to adjust room temperature. Simply reach for your phone and make the changes in the mobile app. This benefit is particularly helpful for individuals who have mobility challenges.

Aside from the benefits above, here are more benefits that you can enjoy when you have a smart thermostat in your home:

  • Can help keep your home safe when connected to a smart smoke alarm or security system
  • Can learn your routines over time, automatically adjusting the temperature based on your needs
  • Allows you to adjust the temperature through voice commands
  • Lets you create automation, such as turning off your smart lights, if you have a smart home setup

Because of the ability to set temperature or turn off your HVAC system remotely, there’s also the potential to save money on energy bills. Many smart thermostats include a monthly report that can help you understand your household’s energy consumption better.

Continuous use of the thermostat will allow you to compare your previous months’ bills with the current one. You can use the information to determine ways to save even more on energy usage.

Do you need professional smart thermostat installation in Vero, FL? We’re here to help not only with the installation but also with repairing your thermostat to optimize your home climate according to your schedule and other preferences. Contact Next Generation Air & Heat Inc., and let us make your home more comfortable all year long.

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